Boxing Technique-Conditioning Circuit.

Work on technique with some hard core conditioning with this drill.

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4 Responses to “Boxing Technique-Conditioning Circuit.”

  • Peter Keenan Says:

    So Rob, what would you say the main benefits of the battling ropes were ,and how can i convince my older trainer that using strength and conditioning benefits the boxers,he is dead set against any weight training,he has this image that they are going to end up like Frank Bruno,stiff and musclebound ,and won’t listen when i try and explain the benefits,thanks for any thoughts Rob,cheers,Peter in Scotland.

  • admin Says:

    Peter, the main benefit is that it’s a very effective and different way to condition, other than running. Excess running can be very hard on your joints and it gets boring. The rope don’t beat up your joints and they won’t add muscle. They improve conditioning, and shoulder mobility.

    You be more stimulated to condition with the ropes and you’ll feel a totally different stimulus and carry over that will improve your boxingpermance.

    Does this make sense and answer your question?

    When you train using different training tools you never used before, you get a fast and effective carry over is what I’m basically saying Peter.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Peter Keenan Says:

    Cheers Rob, thanks, yeah i get what you’re saying and understand what you mean about the carry over to the boxing training,like also the way you always go on about good technique and intelligent ,smart boxing,when you are tired,as we say here in Scotland,when you’re tired,”pick your punches !”great technique from your boxers that i see on your vids,cheers,all the best,
    Peter in Scotland.

  • admin Says:

    Thanks Peter, and that is a wise saying over there in Scottland. Please post anytime!

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