Apr 30 2011

Power Punching-Mental Edge-Conditioning Workout Tips.

Many athletes wonder and question….Where does true punching power come from and how is it developed? How do you gain the ultimate mental edge in training/sport? What are the best ways to condition for endless endurance? Listen as Joe Hashey and I break it down!

Apr 26 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Losing Is Overrated, The Bull is Back!

Vic Darchinyan proved he’s back and if fact, hasn’t gone anywhere with his impresive 5th round tehnical decision win over Yonnhy Perez this past Saturday night.

Vic was on Perez from the opening bell, hurting Yonnhy early and taking him out of the fight. Vic didn’t give Johnny a chance to establish himself in the fight. Smart move, Viic when back to his old self of being a relentless brawler and while being a bit wild at times, he smothred Perez and his lanky punches.

Vic once again has come back to win a big fight after a disapointing loss. You can call Vic old school because of this, you see, losses don’t destroy this dude, they piss him off and he learns from them to come back even better as he did last Saturday night against a fighter many thought would beat.

Perez was actually the technicaly better fighter coming into this fight, he had the dimensions to pick Vic apart and box him from afar. That’s the take home lesson here, Vic DIDN’T allow that to happen with his raw agreesion, and smothering style. That’s how you handle a fighter who needs room to work. You don’t give it to him and alow he other fighter to use his skill. Great fight plan by team Darchinyan, they knew what they were up against in Perez, and used Vic’s strengths so well, that Perez never got a chance to once have Vic’s weaknesses exposed.

This is why I say losing is overrated, certainly, you don’t fight to lose, but loses can be wins if reflected upon properly, losses also mean that risks are being taken, risks that can make a fighter better in the long run, win or lose.

This has been the case for Vic who has 3 losses. Vic gets an A+ for the way he took matters into his own hands, at 35, he’s a grizzled pro who knows how to win after losing yet agin in a big fight. That’s an old school pro and a future hall of famer.

Apr 21 2011

Boxing Technique-Conditioning Circuit.

Work on technique with some hard core conditioning with this drill.

Apr 18 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: The O’s Go.

It was a pretty exciting weekend of boxing with the two huge upsets that occured. Victor Ortiz finally silenced his critiques or should have at least with his spirited upset over Andre Berto. He had to get off the canvass and seized back control of the fight after several shaky moments. He did and he did deliver.

I liked Victor’s conditioning, his power, his determination, and of course his heart. His performance deserves an A+. Sure he displayed some flaws in hus technique by leaning into his hook and opening himself for Berto’s counters but the tenasity his displayed trumps that.

Berto is too one dimensional and just wasn’t active enough to be at his best. Fighting twice a year the last two years has erroded his once budding potential. He’s a product of the powerful influence of Al Haymon, not a product of skill molded in the gym and by fight activity. The hand that’s fed him has also made him worse. Berto gets an F.

Stunning Upset.
Orlando Salido stopped Juan Manuel Lopez in huge upset. Salido had eleven losses on his record coming into this fight and aftter losing the first several rounds, he dropped Lopez hard in the 5th with a left hook right hand combo. Salido was in control till the end and that sneaky right hand of his sealed the win as he couldn’t miss with it.

Lopez fought back bravely and hurt Salido several times but he just couldn’t get his legs under him and get back in the fight. It was apparent that that just wasn’t Juanma in the ring that night. He fought like shit and deserved to as he let his weight climb over 180lbs before this fight! He just wasn’t focused and that’s no excuse, he was a champion and failed to behave like one between fights.

I give Salido an A for displaying guts, heart, toughness, and sneaky power. After turining pro at age 15, he’s now the WBO Featherweight Champion.

Fight like this are make make boxing great and memorable.