Mar 17 2011

Q/A: Double End Bag Tension.

Rob, What is the ideal tension for the double end bag?

Thanks, Toney

Toney, I like a super tight tension for developing superior hand speed and reflexes and I like less snug tension for hea movement and slipping. I have the double end bags in my gym set up with different tensions. This also keeps you adapting as in the ring, different opponents have different styles/speed. You jist don’t want the bags too lose as they’ll loose their speed.

Mar 14 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Magnificent Maraville!

lSergio Martinez dominated a very good fighter that many were reluctant to face last Saturday night. Sergiy “Razor” Dzinziruk was highly respected coming into this fight, undefeated, very good technical skills, and never down in his amateur and pro career. That all changed once the fight began of course.

Sergio used his speed, movement, and jab to shut down, and knock down Segiy five times in the fight en route to his 8th rnd tko win. Sergiy could never get on track or time Sergio with Sergio’s feints, and angles confusing Dzinziruk all night long.

This was a huge statement win for Martinez against a very solid opponent that nobody looks good against. Many thought this was a dangerous fight for Sergio coming in, then Sergio handled his business.

This is what great fighters do, yes, I’ll repeat that. Sergio could have coasted to a points win but he took the risk to finish the show and that’s what’s winning him more and more fans while generating needed excitement.

At 36, Sergio is coming into his own. His speed is amazing, his intuition in the ring, along with his power has been improving with every big fight. Lets hope Sergio gets the huge fight he deserves to really test his elite skills.

Martinez is a much needed breathe of fresh air in the middleweight division.

Celtic War.

Andy Lee was being dominated by Craig McEwan until coming back and knocking McEwan out in the 10th and final round. Lee started fast hurting Craig in the 1st round then Craig found his rhythm while Lee stopped fighting during the middle rounds. Irish luck was shinning on Lee as Craig gassed out enough for Lee to get his own rhythm back while getting back in the fight. lee’s heavy left hand sent Craig down until eventually out in the last round.

To be honest, I think Craig has more upside from this fight. Lee was already knocked out once and that is probably the best he’s going to look, Craig fought very good in his first big fight under the lights, although he was KO’d. This fight will serve him well in the future as I expect him to get much better from it as he fought very well until lack of experience allowed him to fatigue when he could have closed the show.

Cotto’s Reasurgance.

Miguel fought another complete fight with Manny Steward in his corner. Cotto’s jab, footwork, and distance controlled Mayorga until TKOing him in the 12th round. Technically Cotto is looking great with Steward. He’s boxing far more and isn’t leaning forward loading up with his left hook.

Steward has been such an outstanding trainer for Cotto and with a rematch with Margarito set for July, his worth will really be telling in this fight.

Big props to Cotto for putting it back together since his devastating KO loss to Pacquiao. I feel the best is yet to come.

Mar 11 2011

Throw Back Friday Edition: Carmen Basilio.

56 wins, 16 losses, 7 draws, 27 KOs

Carmen Basilio was one of the most awkward, unorthodoxed, nonathletic champions ever. That didn’t matter though cause what allowed him to over come those limitations was his inhuman toughness, courage, and heart. That’s what beat those with better skill and talent.

Carmen was fucking relentless with his attack, a fearless fighter with huge balls that would take and dish back hell in return. He fought his ass off for every second of every round. That’s why the crowds adored him and everyone respected him.

Carmen burst onto the seen in 1953 by winning big fights and appeared in his first world title fight facing Cuba’s Kid Gavilan for the Welterweight Championship. Carmen lost a 15 round decision after dropping Gavilan and nearly knocking him out in the 2nd round of the fight.

Carmen’s won his first world title by KO’ing Tony DeMarco in the 12th round for the Welterweight Championship. It was a classic as was the rematch with Carmen winning another 12th round KO.

On September 23, 1957 Carmen won the biggest fight of his career by beating Sugar Ray Robinson for the middleweight championship of the world, thus becoming a two division champion. Carmen lost a controversial split decsion in the rematch. Carmen fought that hard in the rematch with a swollen shut left eye from the 6th round on! How many fighters today can do that?!

Carmen won the Hickok Belt in 1957 for being the top professional fighter of the year. He also won Fighter of the Year” honors (1955 and 1957) from the Boxing Writers Association of America. He also was Ring Magazine’s fighter of the year in 57.

Carmen also fought two wars with iron man Gene Fullmer for Gene’s middleweight title losing by KO 14, and KO 12. Carmen beat great fighters such as Lew Jenkins, Ike Williams, Don Jordan, Billy Graham,Gil Turner, Johnny Saxton, and Art Aragon. Highly respected historian Herb Goldman ranks Basilio as the #17 All-Time Welterweight

Not bad for a guy that everyone told to quit, that he didn’t have it, he was too slow, no talent. You see, I heard this from the people in Syracuse New York who grew up in the gym with Carmen as I lived in Syracuse NY.

Carmen was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. His nephew Billy Backus also won the welterweight title beating Jose Napoles in 1970. Carmen said seeing Billy win the title brought more joy to him than his title winning accomplishments.

Now watch Carmen at his best!

Mar 9 2011

Boxing Workout Tip: Double Double End Bag.

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