Mar 30 2011

In The Gym Training Notes: Closing The Window.

One of my fighters made a costly mistake in his fight last Sunday. After starting strong and having his opponent on the run fighting real defensive, he left the window open and got caught.

By window, I mean he left himself wide open to be countered and that’s what happened. He got stopped from the counter right hand that landed flush on his chin, just like that, the fight was over cause he didn’t close the window.

Keep your hands up is very common instruction in boxing yet so many fighters fail to understand the cost of dropping their hands till its too late.

It starts in skill work, many fighters drop their hands when working the heavy bag. What happens in skill training, appears in the ring.

My fighter is constantly working on keeping the window ( the window of oppurtunity for his opponent to counter ) closed by keeping a tighter defense and not getting too wild when punching.

Everytime you punch you leave an opening, remember that, remember to bring those hands back fast too and close that window before its too late. Having great power can be very costly if you are arrogant with it.

Comments? I want to hear them, has anything like this ever happened to any of you?

Mar 28 2011

Gym News: Golden Glove Tournament Results.

Congrats to Mike Goins for winning the Golden Gloves Tri State 152lb. Open Championship this past weekend. Mike fought a good fight as his work rate and strength wore his opponent down.

Mike also won the Champion of Champions Outstanding Fighter Trophy. That was a great way to cap off an excellent performance.

Mike will be a pro soon and he’s gaining invaluable experience fighting at the National tournaments. Great pros are born in the amateurs, not all, there are some exceptions of course, but many are forged in the tough amateur competitions.

Also, my 132lb JO fighter Brian Roese moved to 3-0 this weekend while winning the Golden Gloves. He showed very fast hands and excellent lateral movement, he’s going to be good.

Mar 23 2011

Power Training With The Sled.

Here’s a clip that demenstrates on how to use the sled for power training. You can also train for power in a semi fatiqued state. Why not? A fighter needs it in a fight at all times, fatigued or fresh.

Think outside the box with power training. You’re getting more done with less time and exercises with this sled movement. That’s what training for a fighter should be like, so they recover faster and are fresher for skill training and their upcoming fight.

Click here For more boxing power training workout advice.

Mar 21 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: DOMINANT Performances.

Vitali Klitschko destroyed Odlanier Solis last Saturday with a heavy right hand to the topof the head it semmed. Seemed?, yes, it now appears that Solis did in fact suffer two knee injuries that prevented him to continue. Word is, Solis had a bum knee coming into this fight.

I thought Solis was winning the first round, his fast and crisp hands were getting to Vitali who looked a bit stiff and rigid. Vitali does seem to be slowing down and I think he is ripe to be beaten by a fighter with fast hands, feet, balls, and smarts. Adamek and Haye seem to be the only fighters that possess whats needed to beat the giant.

This fight was a huge disapointment cause going in, many thought Solis had a great shit, and judging the first round, many where right. Solis had some success, and I’m telling you all, another smaller heavyweight will if they can stay away from his heavy right hand.

Vitali did his job and earns an A+ for his performance.

Bute, The New Body Snatcher?

Lucian Bute put on a clinic last Saturday night ripping impressive body shots and upper cuts. Magee was game but Bute was on top of his. Fuck did Bute’s body work impress me, you all need to study that, that’s what good fighters do, break down the body and then the spirit.

Will Bute be called the new body snatcher? I wasn’t high on him beofre but now I am as he does know how to fight and use very effective assortmant of combos. Great fight to break down and learn from.

Bute earns an A+ with that punching clinic!

If any of you disagree with those grades, please post and state why.