Feb 8 2011

In The Gym Notes: We Are What We Do.

Here’s a clip I did awhile ago and it really hits home about our training habits. Sometimes students just don’t quite get it.

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Feb 4 2011

Throw Back Friday Edition: ” The Pittsburgh Windmill ” Harry Greb.

112 Wins, 8 Losses, 170 No Decisions, 1 no Contest, with 47 K.O.’s.

Some respected historians have Greb #1 all time P4P and I could agree with that. He fought 303 times while suffering only 2 TKO losses! I have him ranked #2 on my all time P4P list below are my thoughts and reasons why.

Historian Eric Jorgensen stated, “Greb may have been the greatest fighter, pound-for-pound, who ever lived. Certainly, he was among the top 2 or 3. He combined the speed of Ray Robinson, the durability of Jim Jeffries, the stamina of Henry Armstrong, and the unbridled ferocity of Stanley Ketchel with a will to win unsurpassed in the annals of sport. At his peak, he was unbeatable, defeating virtually every middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight of his generation. A great, great fighter.”

They came no tougher than Harry Greb. Greb was an amazing whirlwind punching fighter. He had incredible stamina, and an iron chin. He had great movement and was very elusive. His punches came from all angles. Greb fought and beat 18 world champions! This was the time when there were 8 weight divisions with 1 world champion per division.

Greb was world middleweight champion from 1923-1926 and light heavyweight champion from 1922-1923. He fought the best from middleweight to light heavyweight, while also fighting and beating several heavyweight contenders.

Harry gave former heavyweight champion Gene Tunney ( who beat Jack Dempsey twice ) his only loss. They would fight 4 more times all very close, in fact their second fight was declared one of the biggest robberies in New York at the time.


Greb, also fought and won a memorable and intense fight with the brawling future middleweight champion “Toy Bulldog” Mickey Walker. Mickey was a great fighter. Later that night the two fighters again had another legendary brawl at a local speak easy.


Harry also beat other hall of fame fighters like Tommy Gibbons, and Tommy Loughran. He also beat heavyweight contenders Gunboat Smith, and Billy Miske.

Proof even more on how great Greb was were the words of Jack Dempsey. Jack Dempsey was quoted as saying that “Greb was the fastest fighter he saw, faster than Lightweight Champion Benny Leonard even”.

Greb proved how great he was by fighting over half his bouts, while being blind in one eye! He suffered a detached retina after being thumbed in the eye in his fight with Kid Norfolk. Greb was indeed one of the best who ever fought and never whined or made excuses of his handicap. Hell, he never needed too!