Feb 25 2011

Throw Back Friday Edition: Tony Canzoneri.

141 wins, 44 KO’s, 24 losses, with 10 draws.

Tony Canzoneri was one of only three fighters to hold two or more titles simultaneously. The great Henry Armstrong ( who held three and should have been four ) and Barney Ross being the others.

Tony won 5 world titles in 3 different divisions, featherweight, lightweight, and jr. welterweight.

Tony turned pro at the tender age of 16. He accomplished A LOT at a young age having fought for two titles in two different weight divisions by age 20 and he became a 2X champion by 22! Tony fought 18 world champions and six Hall of Famers during a 15-year career totaling 175 fights!

He was considered the P4P best fighter in the world when he was 23.

Tony beat Benny Bass for his first world title, the featherweight title on Feb. 10 1928 by unanimous decision.

On November 14, 1930 Tony KO’s Al Singer in the 1st round to become a two division champion. On April 24, 1931 Tony KO’s Jack ” Kid ” Berg in the 3rd round to become a three division champion at Jr. Welterweight.

Tony was a very clever and slick boxer while equally aggressive having power in both hands. He fought the best fighters while in his prime, at a time that was considered a great era, beating former world champions, Barney Ross ( they fought three times with Barney winning twice.) Jimmy McLarnin, Kid Chocolate, Frankie Klick,and Baby Arizmendi. He was KO’d only once in his career, which was his last fight against Al ” Bummy ” Davis via 3rd round.

Barney was also Ring Magazine fighter of the year in 1934.

He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

Now watch and learn from Tony at his best.

Feb 21 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: The New Kid On The Block.

Nonito Donaire became boxing’s newest star last Saturday night with a gruesome KO Of Fernando Montiel.

This was a highly anticipated fight coming in as both fighters were at the top of their game. Both had power, experience, and plenty of swag. It would come down to who would make the first mistake. Well, Fernando made that fatal mistake.

All it took was one brilliantly timed left hook from Nonito to stretch Fernando. Big props for Fernando rising to his feet, but he was gone as the ref merciful called it of once Donaire pounced on him.

Unlike Bradley-Alexander which was another huge fight going in that lacked fireworks and awing thrills, Nonito delivered in this fight, and just as Martinez made a huge statement in his second round KO of Paul Williams in their big fight, Nonito made his new star statement with that viscous KO.

He’s something special, that’s what special fighters do, put on amazing performances in huge fights. His upside is huge and I agree with other experts that think he’s just as talented as Pacquaio and I say that he’s more developed that Pacquaio was at this stage of Nonito’s career. That’s scary and delightful for us as huge fights with Gamboa and Juama loom at featherweight.

Nonito, like Pacquaio, and Martinez, is carrying that can’t wait to see him fight again buzz and that’s just what boxing needs, another new star that has fans clamoring for more.

Mike who? No more.

Mike Jones stepped up his game with a well balanced attack and win against Jesus Soto-Karass. There were doubts about Mike going into this rematch but Mike silenced them with his balanced attack. He is no doubt, a solid welterweight contender that perhaps just needs a little more seasoning before becoming a world champion.

His footwork is still suspect, but he used his distance and range well, setting up brutal body shots with his relentlessly effective jab.

His defense also looked much better. You really can’t ask more from him in this stage of his career, just a little more patience and seasoning is needed before he realizes his fullest potential.

Feb 19 2011

Hybrid Sled Exercise.

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Feb 14 2011

Q/A: Shadow Boxing With Dumbbells?

Q: Whats the bottom line on shadow boxing with light weights like 2lb, productive or not.

Rob, Straight up question i know, I’ve heard a lot of people discuss this my trainer has me do it, i respect him a lot so i do whatever he says cause he hasn’t led me wrong so far just want to see what you think about this. J

RP: As long as the weights don’t impede technique then no worries.

The last Rocky movie could have been the worst thing to happen to strength/conditioning fighters cause of the whack shit Sly did in that flick.

Attempting to throw lame ass uppercuts with those heavy dumbbells and other not so cool looking methods look cutting edge to the misinformed but are you F****** kidding me are the thoughts to the ones in the know.

Trainers and fighters get the wrong idea when using loaded resistance while practicing technique.

It’s true SPP, as long as it grooves and enhances proper technique, skill, and performance.

No disrespect to your trainer, but many trainers just use methods without knowing why, or questioning, are they appropriate for my fighter at this stage? They should be able to educate their fighters this is why we are doing this so there is NO doubt, only total trust.

Bottom line, knowing what you’re doing, why is it necessary? and when it should be done, usually will transfer.

Generally speaking, being too sport specific and loading the movement patters too aggressively defeats the purpose and diminishes performance by instilling poor motor engrams( movement patters) for which you are training.

Shadow boxing is meant for warming up J and grooving proper technique. Again as long as you are maintaining and really improving technique with the 2lb db’s you’ll be fine.

I know 2lbs doesn’t sound like much, but I wouldn’t make it a habit of always shadow boxing with hand weights that are heavier.

Same goes when using the super bag gloves with the weights you can put in the wrist.. Be careful

You will know when you load yourself too much, as the body doesn’t lie.
Now you know the why to not do that J and you can armor yourself a bit now from the HEAVY bullshit out there…

The best and real coaches understand strength/conditioning and skill.

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