Weekend Wrap Up: The Fight That Didn’t Live Up To The Hype.


Alexander was nothing close to the dynamite all action fight it was hyped up to be. It was more of a chess match and one in which the hungry fighter in Bradley took the necessary chances to win. Devon just didn’t pull the trigger enough.

From the start it was obvious that Alexander was faster. He had many physical advantages, he just didn’t follow through and set down on his punches enough.

Alexander fights like an amateur with the rapid speed punches that lack power. I also think Tim’s strong ring presence made Alexander very uncomfortable in there.

Tim on the other hand looked like the real pro. Although slower and fighting with less physical gifts, Tim took advantage by not giving Devon the space he needed to fight his fight. You see, that’s how real pros who understand boxing fight. They know where they lack, and they know how to fight to make up for those disadvantages. Tim did just that and I also think that Devon quit at the end.


No immediate rematch here. Why? Tim deserves to fight Khan, and Devon should fight somebody like Lamont Peterson.

It takes two to rumble and make a big fight on paper big and memorable. One fighter showed up and brought it, the other is back home picking up the pieces and living with the disappointment of not delivering what he promised.

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