Jan 18 2011

Too Cold To Run?

Yes it’s cold as shit up here in the north! This is the only time of the year I kind of miss Florida. We aren’t running outside much, we are working our asses off inside my gym.

Here’s an idea of what we are doing for our conditioning.

Heavy Bag intervals. 15 sec on, 15 sec off. 3 min rounds. 2w-3 rounds.

Body weight conditioning circuits: Mountain climbers, burpees, Ali Shuffles, Jump rope, jumping jacks, 3 min rnd, two rounds.

Plenty of sled work…

Prowler sprints…

Countdown circuits. using exercises like jump squats, mountain climbers, kettle bell swings…

Tabata’s on the airdyne bike and any other kick ass exercise.

Battling rope circuits.

Think beyond running, we do!

Jan 14 2011

Throw Back Friday: Best Chin Ever In Boxing?

Here’s a couple videos I found on some of the greatest chins ever in boxing. I’m not saying I agree with all of them, but if you think a certain fighter is missing, post who you think he or they are.

Jan 10 2011

Q/A: It All Begins With Max Strength.

I seen your video when you interviewed louie simmons and I was wondering could you clear something up for me…He said if you want explosion focus on speed but when you asked him why his guys can out jump nfl players, you both agreed it was because their so strong…So my question is; when your lifting weights (example like squats) should you focus more on heavy weights to get stronger for strength or do you want to focus more on lifting a certain weight that best fits you where you can focus on lifting it as fast as possible lifting the weights explosively while under control..

Once you have a base of max strength built both are musts.

Lifting lighter weights as Louie describes is the dynamic effort they use to increase speed strength ( explosive power ).

You can not build speed however if you are week. Max strength lays the foundation for speed, and other strength qualities such as endurance.

You need to focus where you are weak. If you are weak, get strong, if you are strong but slow, work on speed strength lifts to build explosive power.

His lifters are incredibly strong and fast because they train both in their conjugate model of training, they constantly eliminate and strengthen their weaknesses to excel to new heights as should be the goal of everyone’s training.

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Jan 8 2011

Throw Back Friday Edition: RIP Gary Mason

Former British Heavyweight Champion Gary Mason was killed in a cycling accident yesterday when he was struck by a van in South London. He was 48 years old.
37-1 34 KO’s

Mason was a strong, fearless fighter with a solid chin. His only loss was to Lennox Lewis in 1991 for the European & British Heavyweight championship. Mason wasn’t knocked down or KO’d, in that fight, just battered until a TKO ending. He won the British Heavyweight title in 1989 by 4th round KO over Hughroy Currie.

Though not as famous as Frank Bruno, he was still well liked and respected in England and must be honored here.