Dec 17 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: The Bronx Bull Jake LaMotta


83 wins, 19 losses and four draws, with 30 KO’s.

Ring Magazine has the bull ranked as one of the 10 best middleweights ever. Jake was indeed a bull with his relentless style. Jake could also roll with punches when he was in the mood. His chin and ability to absorb incredible pain is what truly made Jake a memorable fighter. He displayed that in graphic horror in his 6th fight with Ray Robinson that was dubbed Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Jake was beat pillar to post but refused to go down as the fight was mercifully stopped in the 13th round with Jake hanging on the ropes.

He won the middleweight title by beating Frenchman Marcel Cerdan in Detroit back in 1949 by 10th round tko. He was to rematch Marcel but Marcel was tragically killed on the flight over for the rematch.

Jake handed the best fighter of all time, Sugar Ray Robinson his first loss. He also knocked Ray out of the ring in the 8th round of that fight.

Jake was made famous in the film that portraid his life, Raging Bull. Yes he was a nut, a lunatic, but he was also a very good fighter with huge balls and heart that never gave up as was evidenced in his come from behind KO of Frenchman Laurent Dauthuille with 13 seconds left in the fight!


Now watch Jake in action and enjoy what he brought to boxing while in his prime.

Dec 13 2010

Weekend Wrap Up Notes.


This is no doubt the fight of the year with Khan dropping Maidana with a hard body shot in the 1st round and Maidana sucking it up to battle back and have Khan out of his feet in the 10th.

My thoughts…. Sure Khan displayed a huge heart and balls but as many witnessed, he got hit with looping wild shots by Maidana.

Khan displayed a good jab and movement but got hit with too many wild shots. This makes you wonder what Bradley or Alexander would do to him.

Mayweather? Floyd would beat Khan’s ass based of this performance.

Huge props to Maidana for sucking it up and taking it to Khan the whole fight. What a warrior and what a way to fight back after almost staying down from that great Khan body shot.

An immediate rematch is necessary in my opinion.


Ortiz started well dropping Peterson twice in the 2nd round but he allowed Peterson to linger and fight his way back into the fight. He did just that as he out boxed Victor the 2nd half of the fight. I thought Peterson pulled it off by a point. He simply out boxed Victor down the stretch.

I don’t think Victor is hungry enough and gritty enough to win a title. He’s strong and aggressive but that’s it. Peterson is more versatile but his chin may let him down. I like his chances more though as he has gained valuable experience against Bradley and Ortiz.


This was a rematch between the two with Perez winning the 1st fight by ud.

Boy was this fight and Agbeko’s strategy different!

Abeko used brilliant movement and good combo punching to keep Perez off rhythm.

It was a great strategy one that really surprised Perez as he wasn’t prepared for it. That’s what boxing is all about, adapting and adjusting your way to victory and big props for the energetic Abeko for doing that.


This was a very close fight and Mares over came a bad cut from an accidental head but in the 1st round, got dropped in the second, and got deducted a point in the 3rd round for a low blow.

Despite all that, he tamed the bull in Darchinyan late in the fight with his relentless body attack and dropping Vic in the 7th to win a split decision. He basically bulled the bull in the later rounds as Vic was badly fatigued, Mares looked strong.

My thoughts… In the pros, a solid body attack is like putting money in the bank. At the end, Mares cashed out with the victory due to that.

To still go back to the body and not freak out proved how seasoned Mares has become. He’s no doubt a solid pro and a very good fighter. Learn from that.

Dec 10 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Wilfredo ” Bazooka ” Gomez

On the eve of Showtime”s Bantamweight tornament, I thought it w2as only fitting to recognize one of the best bantamweight fighters ever in W@ilfredo Gomez.

Gomez was a 3X world champ. He had one of the highest knockout percentages ever, winning 88 percent of his bouts by knockout. The Ring ranks Gómez number thirteen on a list of the 100 greatest punchers ever.

He beat very good fighter’s in Carlos Zarate, and Lupe Pintor and lost to the legend, Salvador Sanchez.

now watch for yourself Bazooka Gómez at his best!

Dec 7 2010

Q/A: Boxing Tips For South Paws.

Hey Rob,

I had a question about southpaws and matching up with orthodox guys. Being a southpaw, I’m usually able to run guys to my cross (hell sometimes I just shoot the cross first anyway). What do you usually tell your guys when it comes to avoiding their right hand? Is it something where you’re constantly creeping away from it anyway (going right)or you try to time the block or slip if you’re attempting to get inside? As always, thanks in advance Rob.


Good question Mike, You certainly want to move away from the right hand to avoid it on the outside but also head movement behind a stiff fast jab with quick feet to get you inside will take it away too.

Just keep your opponent reacting to you and you will take away his strengths, if you allow your opponent to dictate… You’re fucked.

Blocking it and firing right back is another way to take it away especially when they bring their right hand back slow or they shoot it too low, this is where timing comes in play too.

I believe in the jab Mike, It’s simply a brilliant offensive/defensive weapon when you master it. Very simple but powerful.

Watch how Winky Wright mastered it to beat a great fighter in Mosley ( Twice ), also shut out a faded Trinidad with it and tamed a young Fernando Vargas with it.

Keep a jab in their face, while stepping over and to the side ( turning them ) and you’ll be the dictator in that ring.

That’s what the sweet science & ring generalship is all about, taking away and shutting down your opponents strengths, allowing you to have your way offensively while doing it again and again and again…