Dec 31 2010

ThrowBack Friday Edition: Honoring One Of The Best Never To Win a World Title.

” Bad ” Benny Briscoe passed away this past week and I wanted to honor him in this edition of Throw Back Friday. He symbolized what a true Philly fighter was back in the 60’s and 70’s with the heart, power, skill, body punching, and toughness he displayed.

66-24, with five draws and 53 knockouts
(August 2, 1943 – December 28, 2010)

He was one of the most feared and respected middleweight contenders of his era during the 70’s. The ring has him in their 100 greatest punchers ever list ranked #34. He fought all the big names beating former light heavyweight champ Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, the legendary George Benton, Eugene “Cyclone” Hart, and Vicente Rondon. He drew with Emile Griffith twice. His losses where to greats like Marvin Hagler, Vito Antuofermo, Rodrigo Valdez, Emile Griffith and Carlos Monzón.


Benny fought with the star of David on his trunks in tribute of his managers Jimmy Iselin and Arnold Weiss. They sure don’t make em like Benny anymore do they?

It’s widely acknowledged by those who know boxing that Benny was indeed one of the best never to win a world title. He unsuccessfully challenged for the title three times loosing to Carlos Monzón and twice to Rodrigo Valdez. He was stopped in a fight only once in 20 years!!

He will always be remembered for his incredible viciousness inside the ring. Harold Ledermen said that Bennie was the meanest fighter he ever saw in the ring but he was always a true gentlemen outside it. That’s how it should be.

Now watch Bennie in action and see for yourself why most fighters where scared stiff to face him.

Dec 28 2010

3rd Annual Pilger-Cosgrove Year End Awards

    Best performance of the year


1) Hopkins
2) Martinez
3) Pacquiao
4) Special mention to Jason Litzau

1) Hopkins
2) Martinez
3) Pacquiao
4) JM Marquez

    Fighter of the year pound for pound

1) Martinez
2) Hopkins
3) Pacquiao
4) Montiel


1) Martinez
2) Hopkins
3) Pacquiao

    Fight of the year

1) Khan-Maidana
2) Marquez-Katsidis
3) Pacquiao-Margarito

3) Marquez-Katsidis
4)Pacquiao-Margarito ( Event of the year )

    Upset of the year

1) Litzau-Caballero
2) Froch-Abraham
3) Johnson-Green
4) Pascal-Dawson
And an honorable mention to Hopkins-Pascal.
In a lot of people’s eyes B-Hop won. But a draw is still an “upset” when the match-up was made.

1) Litzau-Caballero
2) Martinez-Pavlik

3) Johnson-Green
4) Pascal-Dawson

    Comeback of the year

AC: Not too many nominations this year.

1) Glen Johnson ?
(he didn’t really retire but he was coming off a loss to Tavoris Cloud)

RP: Flyweight Champ Pongsaklek Wonjongkam

    Round of the year


1) Marquez-Katsidis round 3
2) Khan-Maidana round 11

RP: Agreed

    KO of the year ( I mean the devastating type of ko – not just a meaningful win)


1) Martinez-Williams
2) Fortuna-valanzuela
3) Harrison-Sprott


1) Martinez-Williams
2) Fortuna-valanzuela
3) Pirog-Jacobs
4)Lemieux-Camacho Jr.

    Trainer of the Year

1) Freddie Roach

No one else comes close AGAIN this year.
Third straight year

RP: Agreed

New Category:

    Referee of the year

Can’t think of one who had an outstanding year.

RP: Steve Smoger and Kenny Bayless are the most consistent.

    Referees who sucked this year:

1) Laurence Cole
2) Joe Cortez

RP: Agreed

    Guy Rob hates award

AC: 1) Roy Jones (Now the two-time Defending Champ)

If Roy retires we’ll have an empty gap in this awards show each year.

RP: Floyd Mayweather, for being everything but a pro and class act. What else needs to be said?

Dec 22 2010

Q/A: Tips For Increasing Strength & Power.

I am a boxer,i box 4 times a week and have done for 7 years,i dont have a strength coach at the moment yet i see everyone using strength training so was wondering what i could do twice a week to help my power/strength

I have sandbag,kettlebells,Dumbbells and Barbells could you help me set up a template please? i dont have a clue about this stuff…

Any help would be great


Cookie, if you aren’t strong, first build some base strength, that lays the foundation for speed and power to built from.

What is your training age? meaning do you have any strength training experience?

A basic intro would be to perform body weight movements at first if you have a low training age.

1 day bodyweight squats, chin ups, lying supine hip extensions, side planks.

2nd day Push ups, pull ups , lunges, barbell roll outs.

Use higher rep ranges from 12-15, sets each in a circuit fashion or super setting.

After 2-3 w2eeks of that you can start to load with barbells, kettle bells, sand bags.

With the training tools you have you can perform on day 1.

Max effort front squat. work up to a five rep max.

– kettle bell swings 6-8 reps 2-3 sets

– Loaded chin up. 6-8 reps. 2-3 sets

– Barbell land mines.

Day 2

Close grip barbell press, work up to a five rep max.

– Barbell Bent over rows 8-10 reps 2-3 sets.

– Split squat, 6-8 reps, 2-3 sets

Perform row, rest 30-45 sec, perform split squat rest 30-45 sec repeat.

– Hanging leg raise or barbell roll outs, 15-20 reps 1min rest 2-3 sets.

These are some ideas, I have no idea of your lifestyle, stressors, available time, other commitments, training age/exp, so its hard to give you what you truly need with out assessing you and performing a needs analysis.

But, the above guidelines will get you strong and build a base level of strength to build speed/power from.

Dec 20 2010

Weekend Wrap Up Notes.

In what was a much better fight than expected Bernard Hopkins schooled WBC Champion Jean Pascal in the second half of the fight but was only awarded a draw.

Pascal dropped Hopkins twice once in the 2nd and 3rd rounds but dominated from there on. What an amazing performance for a damn year 46 year old living legend! Hopkins proved that youth is only but a tool in this performance.

Take home notes:

Hopkins embodies ring generalship with the way he fights. He knows how to disrupt rhythm and dictate pace. He displayed what solid footwork/movement does for a fighter. He also proved what an early round solid body attack does, Pascal was ineffective for that reason later in the fight.

He’s by far the most fundamentally sound fighter fighting today and again, he’s almost 46! Study him and learn.