Weekend Wrap Up: The Shot Heard Around The Boxing World.


You just knew Paul Williams wasn’t getting up as soon as Sergio Martinez landed that cracking left hand of his last Saturday night.

After a close first round, Sergio came out with extreme confidence and timed Paul Williams perfectly, stretching him out for the count of ten to retain his middleweight title.

Sergio was disrespected throughout this promotion. It was so bad that they made Martinez walk out first and HE is the champ! That’s what you get when you’re fighting an Al Haymon fighter. Fuck Al Haymon, damn was I happy he lost that night as were many others in boxing.

Paul didn’t use his distance and reach in the second round. I always said he left himself wide open when he punches and that’s exactly what Sergio was waiting on and capitalized on to KO the so called most feared and ducked fighter in boxing.


Sergio deserves huge praise for keeping cool leading up to this fight despite the way he was treated by team Williams. He also deserves props for executing his plan of knocking out Paul as he predicted.

He took matters in his own hands that night and did what great fighters do, seal the deal and leave no doubt who the winner is by fighting aggressively smart.

Sergio is bold, confident, and technically very good. He deserves huge paydays but with who? No way Pacquiao or Floyd step to him, for sure Floyd!

After seeing what Sergio is capable of, you can’t really blame them.

Like Emmanuel Steward said, boxing needed that, an exciting and dramatic KO in a big fight.

That’s an old school way of handling your business and the ring. Martinez did just that and he’s brought back excitement to a recently dull middleweight division.

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