Weekend Wrap Up: Great Fights Galore.

This was one of the best weekends of boxing in a long time!
On Showtime, Ward handled his business in a tough/gritty fight against Sakio Bika. Bika pushed Ward the first six rounds making it very close on the cards.

Ward picked it up the second half of the fight as Bika faded. This was a great growing fight for Ward as he needed these learning experience rounds. He didn’t have to take this fight but did and he”ll gro well from it.

Shut Out.

Carl Froch dominated the limited Arthur Abraham in their match up. Once again, Arthur did little but try and block punches and come with his own heavy slow shots after.

Froch used a good jab, and punched in on some unique angles with good hand speed.

His movement and punch activity were just too much for Arthur. Arthur just didn’t fight with any urgency! He fought like shit! Ward is going to beat his ass next if this is how he”s going to fight.

As awkward as Carl is, and as loud as his girl friend is at ringside, he”s a tough outing for anyone and seems to really have his swag back now.

Time to step it up.

Sure Berto stopped a fighter who’s never been stopped before in Freddy Hernandez, but he really needs to step it up now. How about a Collazo rematch?

Although a potential fight with Pacquiao would be interesting with Berto’s speed, power, and strength, he just doesn”t have a backbone or world class experience to fall back on.

that was a really nice one punch KO, but what’s he going to do when he’s not having his way and gets pushed to the brink as he was in the Collazo fight?


All this talk about Celestino Caballero being a beast and a threat to Gamboa was put to rest by the spirited, hard fought performance put forth by Jason Litzau who was a 13-1 underdog going into this fight.

Jason kept Caballero off balance and out of rhythm with his speed, movement, and power. He caught Caballero with some very nice right hands and left hooks.

Caballero came had problems making weight and its obvious he over looked Jason. He really looked like shit and Jason fought to win as he kept coming at Caballero.

That really frustrated Cabellaro as he wasn’t used to that sustained pesky pressure. But fuck him, he proved he’s not world class by fighting the way he did.

So for his lack of preparation and effort, his dream fights with Gamboa and JuanMa are gone.


Marquez over came a hard 3rd round knockdown to rally within that round and fight to later stop Michael Katsidis in the 9th round.

This was a really good fight. It was fun to watch as both brought it to one another. Marquez’s superb combo and extremely accurate punching was just too much for Michael as he was overcome.

Marquez has such a fast recovery rate that it’s amazing! At 37 years old he still has amazingly accurate and fast hands. He just knows how to fight and steal back momentum and rhyme.

I don’t give a shit what anybody else says, but if Marquez can get Pacquiao down to 140 as close as possible, he can beat him!

Marquez continues to prove that he is THAT good and makes you watch in awe as he displays his well developed craft.

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