Nov 18 2010

Q/A: Power Training Variables.

Here’s a question i got in regards to the size of the medicine ball used in this workout clip.

I have some questions though how long should I be doing those exercise? how my repetitions/sets? Does the 4lb apply for throwing medicine ball against the wall? I feel 10-15lbs is reasonable.

You can used reps or timed sets. I like to use time sets no longer than 15 seconds as that’s when the type 2b fibers fatigue and more reps will begin t make you slower.

Use a ball that you can throw explosively, again, the purpose is speed. If a heavier ball slows you down, technique will suffer too, keep in mind, junk in, junk out. The nervous systems will do what you train it to do.

As Al Vermail is quoted as saying.. ” Train slow, be slow.

That’s great practical advise when training for speed.

Nov 16 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: Modern Day Henry Armstrong.


Manny Pacquiao’s brutal domination of Antonio Margarito leaves no doubt he’s the best p4p today, but even more so, one of the best of all time.

He won his 8th title in his 8th weight division! Leonard, Hearns, and Mayweather only won in 5 different divisions, De La Hoya, six.

unlike them though, Pacquiao started his career at 106! The dude is a beast. He fucked Margarito up. Manny was just too fast and had too much movement for Margarito to contend with.

Props to Tony for fighting brave and fuck what the press is saying and other people in boxing that the fight should have been stopped, Margarito wanted to go, He’s Mexican, that’s his pride for himself and his country, that was HIS choice to take that beating, not his corners choice.

Margarito did hurt Manny pretty bad in the 6th with a body shot but he couldn’t follow up on that or anything as Pacquiao would instantly rip fast and savage combos freezing Margarito in his tracks.

A brilliant performance.

Floyd has been ducking Manny too long, he needs to man the fuck up right now. Of course he has his legal issues to attend to, but if he can get past them, he has NO excuses on why not to fight him. None!

Yes, Manny is the straw that stirs the drink now and Mayeather is an after thought on boxing greatness.

You see, that is what happens when good and exciting fighters fight the best and beat the best in exciting fashion and on big events. Damn, who would have thought that’s how it’s done?! Mayweather sure the fuck hasn’t.

Put it this way, until Floyd fights Manny and really beats him, his place in boxing history ill always be questioned and heavily criticized.

Under card Wrap Up.

Brandon Rios took care of his business in exciting fashion as he stopped Omri Lowther in the 5th round. Rios has the goods to be really good, he talks a lot of shit, but hey, he backs up those words in the ring. Lets forgive and forget the Roach mockery ok!

Guillermo Rigondeaux won a dull and boring snore fest beating Ricardo Cordoba by split decision to win the WBA super bantamweight title.

Rigondeaux is extremely gifted and talented but he fights with an amateur style and how do you expect a guy with over 400 amateur fights to fight? If he can set down on his punches a bit more and let his hands flow, he can create some fans and exciting fights. He has the ability to do it but does he want to?

Mike Jones won a majority decision over Jesus Soto-Karass. Many thought Jesus on as the boos were loud and plentiful. Close fight. No way does Arum and Peltz put Jones in with Berto. Jones will get butchered as of now.

That fight was a great seasoning fight for Mike, an awesome learning experience to have in his back pocket. Let him season some more before putting him in a big fight.

From the way he had to make weight and his sheer size, it doesn’t look like that big fight should be at welterweight either.

Nov 12 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Look Back On Manny Pacquiao’s Highlights.

On the eve of Pacquaio-Margarito, and btw, I’m taking Pacquuaio by tough UD. I think this fight will be tougher and harder for Pacquaio than most think. But the deciding factor will be Manny’s speed of hand and foot.

If Manny makes the mistake of planting to often to dig shots into Antonio, he gives him that chance to land that heavy leather. I just don’t see Manny making that mistake. He’s brave, but not foolish.

Margarito will pressure and cut the ring of making it small for Manny to move, his only chance is for Manny to fade enough, to slow enough down, where he can land his heavy artillery. Can he do it? Is Manny really in the best condition he needs to be for this fight?

Margarito is big, hungry, focused, and seeking redemption so look for him to fight the fight of his life. It’s going to be interesting.

Here’s a highlight of Manny’s fights to date. Notice the rapid growth in each fight and rise in weight with that fight. With what I just wrote about Antonio, watching this clip makes it hard to pick against Manny!


Nov 10 2010

Q/A: Sparring Volume.

Coach Pilger,

Hope you are doing well. I enjoy following your website – it’s a great resource for us boxers. I have a question regarding sparring. I’ve been boxing about 1.5 years and started sparring about 4 months ago. However, I’m not boxing recreationally and do plan to compete amateur and eventually go pro.

I was just wondering, how much sparring should someone at my level be doing? At my gym, we have sparring day on Monday when everyone comes and we get around 5 rounds each. Other than that, we’ve also started sparring on Friday because some guys like to do so where I’m getting around 5 more rounds. But I feel like this second day is actually making me worse. I don’t know – maybe it is just in my head. How many rounds of sparring should we be getting on a weekly basis to keep on improving? And how many days per week should there be bag work, etc? I know everyone has different needs, but if you could just give a general idea so I have some sort of a blue print to go by I will really appreciate it. I really want to get good and I am willing to put in whatever work is necessary. I just wanted to know so I can keep myself on track. Sulaiman

Sulaiman, Yes it does depend on your needs. Your experience, how many rounds you are fighting, how far out from the fight all factor into sparring volume.

My amateur boxers spar 4-5 rounds two days per week, at times 3. it just depends.

The quality of your sparring partners will determine the amount of your frustration too. How experienced are they is what I mean.

What you are having problems with in sparring you need to break down in drills. Sparring is your report card, what you need work on, drill it out.

Performing the drills well will improve your sparring performance.

Again, your bag work/boxing workout routines depends on how many rounds you are fighting, how far from a fight you are etc.

Since you’re an amateur, you’ll be fine with 3-4 days of training per week, sparring included. Be careful not to over train, and if you don’t have a fight approaching, cycle a deload week in of decreased training volume ( days, workout volume ) this will keep you fresh and progressing, while not burning out.

Please let me know if you need anything else.