Oct 18 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: He’s Why Lennox Lewis Retired.


I really thought Shannon Briggs would challenge Vitali in their fight, at least give him a couple hard rounds. That wasn’t the case last Saturday in Germany as Vitali punished Briggs in 12 one sided rounds.

Although Vitali couldn’t KO Briggs, he beat him silly with his over hand right, that was the fight, a simple one sided beat down. Much props for Shanon’s heart and grit in staying in their but, I believe the fight should have been stopped late since he was never a threat anytime in it. Why take a beating?

Vitali in staying busy, keeps kicking the shit out of the best available contenders there is for him to fight. He’s just dominating and there doesn’t appear to be anyone out there that can stop him.

His recent performances are why Lennox Lewis’ proposed comeback rumors over the years were just that, rumors as he knew first hand just how good Vitali is.

I’ll be honest, I’m heaping the praise on Vitali, but I’m far from a fan. I just never really liked his style for some reason. I admire his heart and balls though. He has what Wlad doesn’t in balls and Wlad has what Vitali doesn’t in athleticism.

Both share one thing in common though. Domination and it doesn’t appear that either Klitschko will be threatened anytime soon.

The Magic Man Better Have Another Trick.


Antonio Tarver made his heavyweight debut on Showbox last Friday night winning a 10 round unanimous decision over Nagy Aguilera.

This was a ho hum performance by Antonio. The dude is 42 and I don’t give a shit on how good he said he felt. The fact is, he didn’t look that good at heavyweight to be a threat to anyone. Nagy was as safe as an opponent as they come for a debuting former light heavyweight champion.

Tarver’s best options are a fight against fellow veteran and former champion James Toney, or a fight against fellow former light heavyweight champion Thomaz Adamek.

Based how this performance and Tarver’s age, he has no business fighting the top of the heavyweight food chain cause he’ll get swallowed up fast!

Oct 15 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: ” The Boston Terror “Sam Langford.


Sam Langford, ” The Boston Terror “, ” The Boston Bone Crusher”, ” The Boston Tar Baby ” is an old school legend. There is very little footage of his fights, but the great ones never die in history.

If he was fighting today, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a young Roy Jones Jr. wouldn’t be looked at as so amazing and that’s the truth.

ESPN calls Sam ” The greatest fighter nobody knows ”

The Ring has him ranked #2 on their list of ” 100 greatest punchers of all time ”

“The hell I feared no man. There was one man I wouldn’t fight because I knew he would flatten me. I was afraid of Sam Langford.” -Jack Dempsey Former heavyweight Champion and on of the most viscous fighters ever. –

The founder of ring magazine and famed historian Nat Fleischer has him rated as one of the best heavyweights ever.

Read on and watch for yourself just how good ” The Boston Tar Baby ” was. I have him ranked #9 in my all time P4P list.

Sam Langford: 137 wins/99 K.O.’s/31 Draws/23 Losses/59 No Decisions/2 No Contests

” The Boston Bone Crusher” Sam Langford fought Lightweight all the way to Heavyweight and was avoided by the era’s top fighters like the plague. His best weight however was middleweight. Sam stood 5 ‘6 1/2 and often gave up 20-50lbs to his opponents.

He was a very dynamic fighter having very fast hands, feet, and a vicious body attack. He could also jab very well often controlling opponents & fights with it. His defense was very impressive, he mastered the feint, and could bob, slip, roll and counter punch very well.

Sam was said to be well ahead of his time being able to do it all. Out thinking his opponents, while fighting outside, and inside with amazing speed and savvy. Jack Johnson beat Langford when Sam was a Light Middleweight while Jack a Heavyweight. Johnson would later refuse Sam numerous rematches as Sam rose in weight and skill.

Even the murderous power puncher Stanley Ketchel refused to meet Langford in a official fight. They did meet in a 6 round no decision affair with Sam reportedly getting the best of Ketchel.

As stated above, Heavyweight great Jack Dempsey was even said to have admitted that Sam would have beaten him. Sam lost the majority of his fights while being blinded in one eye. It was speculated he suffered from a detached retina.

Oct 12 2010

In The Gym Training Notes: Always Going Back to The Basics.

The basics win fights yet some young eager fighters overlook that trying to master everything while not achieving anything.

As dull as it may seem to some fighters, going back to the basis instills solid fundamentals that won’t let you down in the ring.

Repetition makes the master and good repetition is the mother of championship skill so get back in front of that mirror and work on your punching stance and footwork, work on your punching leverage and balance, focus on where boxing truly starts, from the ground up, then break the jab, right hand, left hook, and uppercut down again ( provided your an orthodox fighter ) work on you defense, foot and head movement.

Just go back to the basics like its the first time and then watch how much better you get and how the basics will never let you down when you need them the most.

Oct 8 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition:Chilling Boxing KO’s!

Off the top of my head here are three knockouts that will always stick out in my mind. There are many more but keeping this post brief, you’ll enjoy these. The first one is the most chilling.

What are your favorite knockouts? Comment to let us know.

This KO is one of the reasons boxing is often labeled the theater of the unexpected!

Morrison was bobbing and weaving on his stool after this fight!, thinking it was still going on!

This one is one of the funniest… Zab performing the Brooklyn Boogie! Jokes aside, I still dig Zab.