Oct 29 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Bob Foster


56-8, 1 Draw, 46 KO’s

Bob Foster was an awesome light heavyweight champion. Very strong and powerful. He KO’d Dick Tiger in May of 1968 to win the light heavyweight Title for the first time. he won it twice beating Vicente Rondon in 1972 to regain his title.

As an amateur Foster was the 1959 Pan American Games Middleweight Silver Medalist.

Ranked 23rd on The Ring’s 1996 list of The Top 50 Fighters of the Last 50 Years.

Ranked as the 8th Greatest Puncher of All-Time by The Ring in 2003.

“Fighters today are babied. Back in my day, we took risks and fought ‘em all.” -Bob Foster-

Forget his failed attempts at heavyweight being KO’d by Terrell, Ali, and Frazier, honor him for his accomplishments and the way he would ice his opponents at light heavyweight.

The 6’3 rangy Foster defended his title 14 straight times. against solid fighters. He retired in New Mexico as a detective for the sherrif department. Nosad stories here about Bob being broke or homeless. A true class act!

I met him twice, first time back in 96 when I was fighting at the National Golden Gloves in Cleveland Ohio, I told Bob then that light heavyweight champion Virgil Hill was not even in his league, he said I KNOW! lol…. i gave Foster the respect he deserved as he is a forgot champ.

The second time was at the boxing hall of fame in Canastota NY. He was gracious again.

He’s highly respected and admired by historians and anybody that understands the sweet science. Many say he would have crushed Michael Moore and Roy Jones Jr. Foster’s right hand was deadly, and his killer instinct, viscous.

Now watch for yourself.

Oct 27 2010

Building Gpp & Work Capacity.

I’m questioned as to why we use the battling rope in this circuit and how this helps a fighter condition versus using more conditioning that resembles fighting like skill training on the bags and sparring.

Well, both work but the above circuits are awesome for building gpp and work capacity THAT allows you to spar more rounds and conditions you in different movement patterns and planes that boxing skill training alone doesn’t achieve.

My point is, this is supplementary training! This doesn’t replace all the bag work, it supplements and conditions the fighters in different ways.

I ask, why all the long distance running? Circuits are awesome for cutting weight and again, increasing stamina, work capacity, and mental toughness that all TRANSFER to improved sparring and fight performance in the ring.

Nuff said.

Oct 25 2010

Q/A: Boxing Defense Drills.

I’ve been trying to get my head/upper body movement going a bit of late. Lots of stuff in the mirror etc. I was wondering if you could do something on slips and rolls head movement. Or if you had any advice on particular drills that I can just hammer. I feel sometimes that what I’m doing is a little aimless or doesn’t relate to an actual fight situation and it’s more a case of me just vaguely copying what I see other people doing. Any feedback would be massively appreciated! Brocklanders.

I feel these drills below are very effective for building solid defense. They work for us and they’ll work for you as well.

Remember, sparring and fighting are your report cards, what flunked there, you correct in drills like these.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Click here For more boxing defense training technique tips.

Oct 22 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Vernon Forrest.

The later Vernon Forrest was a very polished fighter. He used his reach well in mastering range and distance. He was very good defensively and offensively, I always admired his smooth, crisp combos.

I know Vernon didn’t fight back in the day, but he is one too study for the reasons above. Technically very good, and his ring generalship, just as impressive.

Veron was a 1992 national US champion as an amataur and a 1991 World Amataue Boxing Cjhampionship National Champion. He beat Shane Mosley to earn his place on the 1992 Olympic boxing team. He was beat in the first round of the Olympics as he suffered from food poisoning. It was disappointing as he was favored for the gold going in.

As a pro, he was a two division champion at welterweight and junior middleweight.

His greatest wins came against against amateur nemesis and then the #1 pound for pound fighter and WBC champion Shane Mosley. Vernon dropped Shane hard in their first fight and out boxing him in their second closer fight. Both were huge upsets that earned Forrest the Ring 2002 fighter of the year award.

His worse losses were to Ricardo Mayorga, on paper nobody thought this was possible. Both were shocking defeats.

Vernon won his first world title beating Raul Frank for the IBF World Title on May 15 2001. He won his last World Title, the WBC junior middleweight title on Sept 14 2008 in a rematch against Sergio Mora. Vernon beat Carlos Baldomir on July 28 2007 to win the strap.

His career ended in tragedy as he was murdered on July 25, 2009 in Atlanta.

Vernon’s career was marred by constant shoulder injury’s and who knows how great he could have been. Those that know boxing though, know he was pretty damn good!

Btw, I think Vernon would have beat De La Hoya and Mayweather when he was healthy and at his best.

Now study him and learn.