Sep 28 2010

In The Gym Training Notes.

Here’s a strength training/explosive power workout a group of my fighters did tonight.

1A: Explosive Tornado Ball Rotations- 3x/13 sec duration/1.5 min rest.

2B: Sand Bag Front Squat- 3×6/ 1.5 min rest.

3C: Inverted neutral grip ring rows- 2×10 with a 1 sec hold in retracted position, 30 sec rest followed by 4D.

4D: Kettlebell double hand swing- 2×10, 30 sec rest repeat 3C.

Finished with ab wheel 2X15

* They really like the challenge of the sand bag with the off set loading it offers, the rows are a staple in our training to strengthen the thoracic extensors and retractors.

The ab wheel is nothing fancy but is still a great exercise, we add a 2-3 sec hold out the end range too.

Bottom line, my guys are getting stronger and faster while winning.

Sep 24 2010

Throw Back Friday: Top 10 Hardest Punches Landed Ever.

Here’s a fun clip to watch. Although I would add fights from Mike Tyson, Julian Jackson, Gerald McClellan, Terry Norris, and Wilfredo Gomez instead of Morrison or Ruddock, Hell, just watch this clip which is REALLY good, particularly the right hand Shavers landed on Holmes!

Damn! Look at Larry’s eyes and listen to that shot! Check out the dynamite Marciano possessed in his right hand! BRUTAL shot!

Gene Fullmer was NEVER KO’d before that beautiful left hook Robinson landed on him. Gene was in the corner afterwords asking his corner man why Ray was doing exercises between rounds. This was when Ray was jumping up and down after that awesome shot! He knew how hard it was to hurt Gene, but to KO him, that was incredible.

Now Enjoy!

Sep 23 2010

Old Skool Fight Sports News.

Mike Goins fought in Toledo last weekend in the 141lb open division and won. He also won the outstanding boxer award for that show too.

We fight a lot and we get better in the gym in our training AND by fighting a lot.

By fighting more frequently you get more comfortable in the ring and you gain greay experience that you just can’t get out of the gym alone.

So if you want to fight, be active to sharpen your skills and be more comfortable so you can shine!

Sep 20 2010

This Sugar Wasn’t So Sweet.

The Mosley-Mora fight proved several things. One that this fight shouldn’t have been a fucking pay per view fight, two, Shane has official slipped and is done from the dominant world class platform he used to fight on, three, Mora stunk up the joint and should never come near a pay per view under card again!

This fight was bad and it was BORING!

I will say though that I thought Shane won 10 rounds to 2. He was the aggressor and you can’t win a fight running while not punching to win.

What else can you say to such a dull and lifeless fight?

Shane has had a great career, if there’s one big fight left for him that would be decent for him, that would be Cotto. I hope Mosley’s team keeps him away from Berto cause that could be bad.

I hope to not see Mora fight for some time. You reap what you soy and he reaped the criticism that is being showered on him now.

Under Card

The under card had some fire works with the exciting Saul “Canelo” Alvarez knocking out Carlos “Tata” Baldomir. Carlos has never been ko’d and the upside for the fast rising Alvarez is huge as Golden Boy has re-signed him.

Saul fights in a way that makes you wanna see more. Just what this sport needs.

In the battle of the true viscous, Victor Ortiz crushed the shot Vivian Harris in three rounds last Saturday night. Victor appears to have his swag back now lets see him back in with a world class contender so we know that he’s back for real.