Throw Back Friday Edition: James Toney.

I got to throw James in on this weeks edition of Throw back Friday with the eve of his UFC debut upon us. I’ll give my prediction on that fight tomorrow.

Those that know me know that Jame’s is my favorite fighter. I’ve actually met him and spent time with him. Great dude.

Here’s one of the reasons I always respected James.

you judge how good a fighter is by who he’s beaten yes, but the rise in weight classes and domination that follows with it is even more impressive and that earns the title great.

James has done that from middleweight…t to heavyweight, minus Roy Jones, James has never been dominated in a fight, he’s also never been knocked out in 83 fights!

His non title fights were tougher than most champions title defenses, he got better by fighting and beating the best.

You can really say that he beat himself in his only losses by not being in shape, no excuse there, just that he’s never lost when at his best!

Toney’s style is also like no other in boxing, his ability to time, and adapt to his opponents is old school.

Study these clips, call this condensed studying as there are plenty of old school fighters strengths in Toney’s style.

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