Q/A: How To Build Reaction Speed.

I myself do boxing and ur videos are great, U have over 106 youtube videos so i was wondering as u are a trainer. With boxing I feel that I can hit well and move. however I don’t feel too fast to defend then attack. Is it more of a reaction then plan it in ur head? As in with your counter do u feel whats coming up next or do u think what to do – Thanks in advance. ArchstaRR

A motto in boxing is don’t think too much. Paralysis by analysis remember that.

Reacting to punches and timing comes with experience. Is not going to happen over night. Staying relaxed and focused helps, bit getting in there with different styles in a controlled setting helps even more at first.

Experience will almost allow you to develop another sense of anticipation.

Perform drills in a controlled setting with what you are having trouble defending. For example, try a parrying drill, as soon as your partner’s glove touches yours. fire right back, controlled but fast.

That will help. Just look at Manny Pacquiao, what makes him so dangerous is yes his speed, but more so his anticipation and his reaction in the ring. He doesn’t think, he reacts and reacts FAST. That’s why he’s the best P4P fighter in boxing.

Take your time and drill it until you become comfortable. Break it down then build back up.

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