Aug 20 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: The Fastest Boxers Of All Time Part 2.

Here’s part two. I wans’t a fan of Ray Leonard, but he was fast. Speaking of fast, check out Meldrick Taylor, BLAZING speed, Meldrick could fight!

Although Hector Camacho still fights and has been a shell of himself for years now, in his prime, he was slick and quick. See for yourself.

Watch the angles these fighters use to create openings to unload their blazing hands.


Aug 18 2010

Boxing Explosive KO Power: Plyometric Push Up Exercise.

For us competent strength/conditioning coaches this is a basic plyometric exercise, well, there are coaches who still can’t coach plyometrics but not to the extent as many boxing trainers.

I know this as I have been to several coaching clinics where they were teaching pre plyometrics or warm ups and not true plyometrics.

Some coaches think they can have their fighters toss a medicine ball around and that’s a plyometic movement, or they have them jump around and they think hell, we’re training for power.

In this clip Micah demonstrates a plyo push up. Coaching cues here that can be used is the ground is hot, emphasize speed as I do in this clip. Remember, no matter what rep selection you choose or time you use, terminate the exercise if form breaks and speed slows.

Aug 16 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: Talk About Giving The Title Away!

I was disgusted with chad Dawon’s performance last Saturday night in his title fight against Jean Pascal. Sure, give credit to Jean for his performance, but it was really what Chad dint do that led to Jean’s win.
It didn’t help Chad one bit that he was inactive for so long! That’s ridiculous on the world class level! Chad looked flat, uninterested in winning, as he fought going through the motions.

All the talk of Dawson being P4P seemed ludicrous as the fight went on. Sean fought hungry and with passion. Chad ran and gave Jean the fight.

I feel that Pascal has been improving with each fight but Dawson really had the better skills that night, he just didn’t let his hands go enough!

Pascal should learn and grow form this fight and if he can settle down a bit and not burn excessive energy, with his speed, power, and athleticism, he’ll be a big problem for anybody at 168 or 175.

Jean fought smart and had a great fight plan as he took Chad out on the fight before he got into his own rhythm. This fight was another prime example how boxing is all about rhythm and tempo, and of course who really wants it more as Jean proved that night.

*** Its Over ***

I was also disgusted with Arreola’s performance and the shape he came into the fight with last Friday night. No more fucking excuses, that’s it! If this is as good as it’ll get for Chris, its fucking over!

His fans and supporters are sick of his excuses and lack of dedication to boxing. You get what you put in right?. Well, judging by Chris’s weight and lack of stamina in the fight, he’s putting little in. Judging by the sparse crowd that showed that night, his once loyal fans are too.

What a waste of talent and potential.

Aug 13 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Greatest Defensive Fighters Of All Time Part 1.

This is an awesome clip of some of the slickest fighters ever… Great to study! Wait till you guys see ” The Untouchable ” in this clip and you’ll see just how slick the ” Phenom ” Wilfred Benitez really was… Fuck I say he would have slapped De La Hoya AND Trinidad around! … Amazing skill!

Enjoy part one.