In The Gym Training Notes: Cutting Angles.

Punching off angles is a beautiful art and it takes time to master. One of my fighters was making the mistake of cutting too wide of an angle or pretty much taking to many steps.

I instructed to cut just enough to clear the fighter and take advantage of the opening that was present. Taking too wide of an angle or taking to many steps blows this oppurtunity.

Of course the angle you cut will depend of the look the other fighters is giving you, but generally speaking, a quarter turn angle allows you to rip shots while being out of harms way.

That of course is what boxing is about. Keep that in mind and cut your angles tight and fast!

Check out this clip of James Toney knocking out former light heavyweight champion ” Prince ” Charles Williams by stepping over and creating the fight ending opening.

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3 Responses to “In The Gym Training Notes: Cutting Angles.”

  • Mike E Says:

    How does this change when you’re dealing with someone with a distinct height advantage? Just curious.


  • admin Says:

    Good question Mike. The short pivots don’t change. You just want to stay inside more with them, cause with height, there’s usually increased reach. Working the inside is best until you break them down.

    Make sense?

  • Mike Says:

    Yep. Thanks Rob.

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