Weekend Wrap Up: He Got Tapped The Fu** Out!

For those outside mma, it was no surprise that James was talking heavy shit leading up to his fight with Randy Couture, but he backs that talk up in boxing by doing his thing in the ring. That obviously didn’t happen in his embarrassing and humiliating defeat last Saturday night.
It was over at the weight in as James came in at a sloppy 237. What the fuck was he thinking?! Did he think he could punk an always prepared Randy Couture out? Well that fast ass whipping he got let him know that you can’t fuck with a prepared mma fighter.

There’s nothing else to say. Randy destroyed James with very basic grappling and submission skills. Like we didn’t see this coming. Wake the fuck up James and sprint your ass back to the ring!

This wasn’t boxing vs mma, this was a delusional, fat, arrogant, foolish boxer disrespecting mma by entering the octagon!



WBA mini-flyweight world champion Giovanni Segura dominated and destroyed former WBO mini-flyweight Iván Calderón last Saturday night in surprising fashion as Calderón was unbeaten coming into that fight in his 10 year career.

The younger stronger Segura broke Calderón down in similar fashion as Margacheeto broke Cotto down in their fight.

Look for Segura to move up to bantamweight for bigger fights and paydays.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to classy Hall of Fame trainer Angelo Dundee who turned 89 years young today.

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