Aug 30 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: He Got Tapped The Fu** Out!

For those outside mma, it was no surprise that James was talking heavy shit leading up to his fight with Randy Couture, but he backs that talk up in boxing by doing his thing in the ring. That obviously didn’t happen in his embarrassing and humiliating defeat last Saturday night.
It was over at the weight in as James came in at a sloppy 237. What the fuck was he thinking?! Did he think he could punk an always prepared Randy Couture out? Well that fast ass whipping he got let him know that you can’t fuck with a prepared mma fighter.

There’s nothing else to say. Randy destroyed James with very basic grappling and submission skills. Like we didn’t see this coming. Wake the fuck up James and sprint your ass back to the ring!

This wasn’t boxing vs mma, this was a delusional, fat, arrogant, foolish boxer disrespecting mma by entering the octagon!



WBA mini-flyweight world champion Giovanni Segura dominated and destroyed former WBO mini-flyweight Iván Calderón last Saturday night in surprising fashion as Calderón was unbeaten coming into that fight in his 10 year career.

The younger stronger Segura broke Calderón down in similar fashion as Margacheeto broke Cotto down in their fight.

Look for Segura to move up to bantamweight for bigger fights and paydays.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to classy Hall of Fame trainer Angelo Dundee who turned 89 years young today.

Aug 27 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: James Toney.

I got to throw James in on this weeks edition of Throw back Friday with the eve of his UFC debut upon us. I’ll give my prediction on that fight tomorrow.

Those that know me know that Jame’s is my favorite fighter. I’ve actually met him and spent time with him. Great dude.

Here’s one of the reasons I always respected James.

you judge how good a fighter is by who he’s beaten yes, but the rise in weight classes and domination that follows with it is even more impressive and that earns the title great.

James has done that from middleweight…t to heavyweight, minus Roy Jones, James has never been dominated in a fight, he’s also never been knocked out in 83 fights!

His non title fights were tougher than most champions title defenses, he got better by fighting and beating the best.

You can really say that he beat himself in his only losses by not being in shape, no excuse there, just that he’s never lost when at his best!

Toney’s style is also like no other in boxing, his ability to time, and adapt to his opponents is old school.

Study these clips, call this condensed studying as there are plenty of old school fighters strengths in Toney’s style.

Aug 25 2010

Q/A: How To Build Reaction Speed.

I myself do boxing and ur videos are great, U have over 106 youtube videos so i was wondering as u are a trainer. With boxing I feel that I can hit well and move. however I don’t feel too fast to defend then attack. Is it more of a reaction then plan it in ur head? As in with your counter do u feel whats coming up next or do u think what to do – Thanks in advance. ArchstaRR

A motto in boxing is don’t think too much. Paralysis by analysis remember that.

Reacting to punches and timing comes with experience. Is not going to happen over night. Staying relaxed and focused helps, bit getting in there with different styles in a controlled setting helps even more at first.

Experience will almost allow you to develop another sense of anticipation.

Perform drills in a controlled setting with what you are having trouble defending. For example, try a parrying drill, as soon as your partner’s glove touches yours. fire right back, controlled but fast.

That will help. Just look at Manny Pacquiao, what makes him so dangerous is yes his speed, but more so his anticipation and his reaction in the ring. He doesn’t think, he reacts and reacts FAST. That’s why he’s the best P4P fighter in boxing.

Take your time and drill it until you become comfortable. Break it down then build back up.

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Aug 23 2010

In The Gym Training Notes: Cutting Angles.

Punching off angles is a beautiful art and it takes time to master. One of my fighters was making the mistake of cutting too wide of an angle or pretty much taking to many steps.

I instructed to cut just enough to clear the fighter and take advantage of the opening that was present. Taking too wide of an angle or taking to many steps blows this oppurtunity.

Of course the angle you cut will depend of the look the other fighters is giving you, but generally speaking, a quarter turn angle allows you to rip shots while being out of harms way.

That of course is what boxing is about. Keep that in mind and cut your angles tight and fast!

Check out this clip of James Toney knocking out former light heavyweight champion ” Prince ” Charles Williams by stepping over and creating the fight ending opening.