Jul 30 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: ” The Ghetto Wizard ” Benny Leonard.

Benny Leonard is considered one of the best, if not the best lightweight that ever lived. Roberto Duran is often argued the best that ever did it at lightweight as well.

Benny is one of my favorite pure boxers, he was slick and viscous. He fought everyone he could and during his prime was simply magnificent.

The late great Ray Arcel trained both Leonard and Duran and couldn’t decide who was indeed better at lightweight. They were both amazingly brilliant.

I have the Ghetto Wizard at #7 on my all time P4P list. Read why and then watch both clips as to why Benny is considered one of the best purest boxers that ever did it.

Benny Leonard: 89 wins/71 K.O.’s/1 Draw/ 5 Losses/ 115 no decisions

The “Ghetto Wizard” Benny Leonard was said by the great trainer Ray Arcel who trained Leonard, that Benny was the smartest fighter he has ever seen. His amazing ability to out think, and out whit his opponents was unparalleled. He was a masterful boxer, with great punching power rarely losing rounds in many of his fights. He was very smooth and relaxed in the ring. Everything a boxer could and should be. He was the sweet science.

Leonard has been called the Muhammad Ali of the Lightweights as he fought the eras best. This was at a time where it was said that the best Lightweights all appeared at one time in the division. He would talk to his opponents too when he was rarely hurt. Benny retired undefeated as Lightweight Champion, but came back after the stock market crash of the great depression.

He was a shell of himself though being knocked out by Jimmy McLarnin in the 6th round in his last fight. Still Benny’s brilliance was undeniable. He loved to train and polish his brilliant skills. He is argued by many as the best Lightweight ever.

Jul 28 2010

Boxing Workout Tip- Offense- Defense Punch Mitt Drill.

Jul 26 2010

Boxing Workout Tip: Body Shot Drill.

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Jul 23 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Fastest Fighters Of All Time.

Here’s two great clips that highlights some of the fastest fighters to date. I agree with the fighters on these clips, if you don’t agree, well, leave a comment why and who else you think should be on these clips.