Weekend Wrap Up: It Appears The Best Is Yet To Come.

Andre Ward keeps getting better as he shut up the loud mouth of Allan Green in decisive fashion last Saturday night.


Green was all talk before the fight but did shit in the ring. Andre’s in fighting and strength was really impressive. hs movenet, gauging distance, and accurate shots were what allowed him to dominate the frustrated and discouraged Green.

Andre has really come ALONG way and is starting to come into his own. This is what the pro game is about. Learning, developing, and blossoming in big fights. Ward is doing all that and more.

If he dominates the slick and quick Andre Dirrell, its safe to say he is the best in the super middleweight division.

Many say ward reminds them of a young Bernard Hopkins with his skills and savvy, crafty style. I agree and think that Ward has untapped potential not yet seen. I”m not going overboard here saying he can’t be beat, but when you dominate and shut out a great fighter in Kessler, and a dangerous one in Green, while looking better in each performance. You’re pretty damn good and that’s an old school pro.

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