Jun 15 2010

Talking Explosive Power Training With Louie Simmons.

Here’s an old clip I did with Louie Simmons talking about developing explosive power. Enjoy.

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Jun 11 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Willie Pep

” The Will O The Wisp ” was as slick as they came. A defensive genius and slick counter puncher. I have Willie ranked #6 on my all time p4p list. Read more below and then watch one of the masters at his best!

Willie Pep: 229 wins/65 K.O.’s/1 Draw/11 Losses

Nicknamed “The Will o’ the Wisp” winning an amazing 229 fights with his amazing elusiveness and speed. Willie won the Featherweight title in 1942 beating Chalky Wright and becoming the youngest fighter to win the title in 4 decades.

Pep engaged in 4 vicious fights with the brutal punching Sammy Sadler. Their fights are one of the best fight series ever fought. Brutal and intense! Pep won 1 with Saddler winning 3. It was said to be one of the most savage fight series ever.

Pep was once said to have won a round without throwing a punch! Wille Pep displayed a master full defense that today’s fighters don’t come close to displaying.

Jun 9 2010

Q/A: South Paw Training Tips.

Hey Rob,

I had a question about southpaws and matching up with orthodox guys. Being a southpaw, I’m usually able to run guys to my cross (hell sometimes I just shoot the cross first anyway). What do you usually tell your guys when it comes to avoiding their right hand? Is it something where you’re constantly creeping away from it anyway (going right)or you try to time the block or slip if you’re attempting to get inside? As always, thanks in advance Rob.


Good question Mike, You certainly want to move away from the right hand to avoid it on the outside but also head movement behind a stiff fast jab with quick feet to get you inside will take it away too.

Just keep your opponent reacting to you and you will take away his strengths, if you allow your opponent to dictate… You’re fucked.

Blocking it and firing right back is another way to take it away especially when they bring their right hand back slow or they shoot it too low, this is where timing comes in play too.

I believe in the jab Mike, It’s simply a brilliant offensive/defensive weapon when you master it. Very simple but powerful.

Watch how Winky Wright mastered it to beat a great fighter in Mosley ( Twice ), also shut out a faded Trinidad with it and tamed a young Fernando Vargas with it.

Keep a jab in their face, while stepping over and to the side ( turning them ) and you’ll be the dictator in that ring.

That’s what the sweet science & ring generalship is all about, taking away and shutting down your opponents strengths, allowing you to have your way offensively while doing it again and again and again…

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Jun 7 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: Cotto Isn’t Done Just Yet.

I thought Miguel Cotto looked pretty damn good last Saturday night in defeating Yuri Foreman with a brutal liver shot the the body. That was vintage Cotto.
There where a lot of doubts about Miguel going int o this fight with the beatings he took against Margarito and Pacquiao, that along with Foreman’s safety first boxing style.

This Emmanuel Steward version of Miguel Cotto displayed very good footwork, a hard constant jab, and the ability to box in on angles while kicking his chin tucked.

Sure, some people are saying, hey, Yuri can’t crack an egg so how much do praise should Cotto get? I say plenty sine his reflexes looked sharp, his speed was pretty good, power was still present, and he looked fresh and calm in the ring.

THAT’S what’s important. He didn’t look like a worn out fighter.

I’m very curious to see just how much Emmanuel can bring out of Miguel… This looks to be a perfect fit and the best maybe yet to come.

I thought the Martirosyan- Greene fight sucked. For having as many fights as both have they sure didn’t look like polished contenders.

Greene was just too damn defensive and while Vanes fought a good fight and displayed some good skill, he just lacked that substance and completeness he needs for having 28 fights.

I remember Joe Greene as an amateur when I was a coach at the 2002 National Golden Gloves with Syracuse NY, He was something special then and failed to seize the great opportunity he had… What I’m saying is, that he really is much better than that.

Vanes should win a world title but he needs to season to really be a force in junior middleweight division.

** I thought Roy Jones did a great job commentating, his insight and take on things was refreshing.

** It was great to see boxing back in Yankee stadium and it”ll be back for another event there with the success they had that night.

*** What a great year it has been so far in where they shows have been, we’ve had more shows in local ” becoming red hot fight markets ” and we’ve had two big fights in two NFL football stadiums.

It’s great to see certain real promoters going back to their roots and actual promoting and putting fights where they need to be and where the fans are.