May 28 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: Azumah Nelson.

” The Professor ” fought some bad ass fighters during his career. His fight with the late great Salvador Sanchez is what first brought attention to Azumah. He lost to another great fighter in Pernell Whitaker but beat other greats like Wilfredo Benitez ( yes faded at the time ), Juan Laporte ( a very good fighter ), and Jeff Fenech. He also had a good four fight series with Jessie James Leija, and beat Gabriel Ruelas, and Calvin Grove.

Azumah didn’t earn the name the Professor for nothing as he was a quick, brilliant boxer puncher and cleverly dissected and dismantled fighters when he was on.

Azumah was a very classy 3X World Champion and one of the best.

Now watch and learn.

May 21 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: ” Homicide ” Henry Armstrong.

” Homicide ” Henry Armstrong was one of my favorite fighters ever, he was a viscous puncher AND slick, read on and then watch!

Henry Armstrong: 144 Wins/97 K.O.’s/8 Draws/22 Losses/1 No Decision

This is taken from my all time p4p list. Where I have him ranked #4.
Henry was a violently, voluminous puncher, who could also slip punches very well and his defense was world class. The phrase a “good offense is the best defense” could be coined after Armstrong’s style. He threw windmill like punches from all over. His speed kept up as the rounds wore on. His opponents had no chance to think, or react to such an aggressively sustained offense.

Ironically, Armstrong started with 3 losses early on in his career he was 1-3. Later when he was seasoned he would hold 3 titles simultaneously in 3 different weight divisions! Beating Petey Sarron for the featherweight title, Barney Ross for the welterweight title, Lou Amber’s for the Lightweight title. This was a feat that has never been done since and at a time when there were only 8 boxing divisions! He would have won a fourth but was awarded a controversial draw at Middleweight against Ceferino Garcia. Think about that, if he was awarded the win he deserved, he would have controlled half of the divisions in boxing! Amazing! Today the world great is awarded far to fast to some fighters.

Armstrong defended his Welterweight Title 19 times in 2 years and still holds that record. Many agree though that his best weight was at featherweight. It was said upon his death his heart was found to be a third larger than the average persons. This obviously contributed to his blistering fighting style.

May 19 2010

Q/A: Back Squat or Front Squat For Boxing Strength Workouts?

Rob, I noticed you have recommend front squats to fighters in the past. do you feel they are better than back squats? do you ever have your fighters use box front squats? Thanks, Joe

Joe, In training, I use the exercises we can get the most bang for our buck with for a particular need, call it training economy, getting the most out of less. I like the front squat because it can serve as a corrective exercise as well as a strength exercise.

Boxers develop thoracic kyphosis, pronantion of the shoulders, forward head, and tight upper abs ( call it a dropped front panel ) form spending a lot of time training in flexion/pronation. I wouldn’t want to load a boxer with a terrible kyphotic posture using a back squat.

The usually weak thoracic extensors are hit hard with the front squat and can then help strengthen that faulty posture along with stretching of course but the posterior chain is hit better with back squats and generally you can go heavier with them.

Yes, I like box squats and we cycle them in and depending on the fighter, we may use more of them. Just depends as I’ve discussed.

One isn’t really better than another, just depends on the goal/need as they both have their advantages. Before using an exercise, qualify yourself for it, look how it loads your body and is your structure prepared for it? ( static posture, balanced joints vs, muscle imbalances, faulty posture, causing faulty loading )

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May 17 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: Silencing The Critics.

Amir Khan and victor Ortiz both put on stellar performances last weekend while silencing the critics a bit.

Victor got his 3rd win in a row since his quieting performance against Maidana. Victor displayed a lot more movement in out boxing Campbell. Victor picked his shots well and his lateral movement kept Campbell at bay and at the end of his punches.

Gone for the time being is Victor’s viscous in your face power punching style. But it will be back in the right fight and during the right moments. Sure he played it safe against Nate but he also gained some valuable experience against a very crafty but shot fighter in Campbell. He also adds a quality name to his resume ass the Ortiz show rolls on.

I thought Victor looked sharp, fought smart, and his swag looks like its coming back. Yes this was against a very faded Campbell. Nate just can’t pull the trigger anymore as Harold Letterman pointed out.

Look for Victor to be matched carefully until he seasons a bit more for the right fight and there are plenty of them in the loaded star packed 140lb division.

I was very impressed with Amir Khan’s performance. I really thought Paulie would cause him some problems but the difference in speed and skill was evident from the start.

I know Khan’s speed surprised Paulie as it slowed him down and didn’t allow Paulie to get into any rhythm.

People can talk all this shit they want about Paulie not having any power and we should take Amir’s win into consideration but bullshit I say as Paulie had speed and great boxing ability, Khan just didn’t allow him to display it.

That KO loss to Prescott was the best thing to happen to amir’s career as it brought him to Freddie Roach and the Wildcard gym where he has gotten superior sparring with Manny Pacquiao.

That’s obviously why Amir didn’t have any problems with Paulie speed, movement, and timing as Amir’s was far better and Paulie was put in check with it.

Amir’s speed, movement, accuracy, timing, and technique was really eye opening. I’m not going over board here either with this hefty praise, the kids been working hard and it shows. He deserves props for his improvement.

Look for Amir to get another fight or two in before challenging fellow titlists and beasts Devon Alexander and Tim Bradley. A fight with Maidana is also a strong possibility.

Bottom line, there isn’t a bad fight in the top ten of the 140lb division! These guys can fight.