Apr 16 2010

Throw Back Friday Edition: The Best of ” Sugar Ray Robinson “

So Mayweather thinks he’s an all time great huh? Sure he beat some very good fighters but he didn’t beat any great fighters like the REAL Sugar Ray did. Check out this clip and see for yourself on how great Ray was against REAL competition! He was simply amazing! Power, speed, footwork, agility, timing, defense of head, hand, and foot, heart, balls, ring generalship, killer instinct, ring savvy, wanting to test his skills against the best, all except Charlie Burley, Yes, He had it all AND was all that.

There is no audio in this clip but so what, you won’t notice as you’ll be mesmerized by Ray’s brilliance. Enjoy!

Apr 15 2010

Q/A: Boxing Styles.

Coach Rob I have a question is it me or does it seem like all tall fighters 6ft2 and above are pressure fighters like Margarito , Paul Williams etc. The the only fighters I’ve seen with that type of height that really move on there feet is Ali and Andre Direll. Dwayne.


Good question Dwayne, Paul Williams is a boxer puncher as well. If a fighter is
that tall, he should use his height and reach and box, being a pressure fighter
takes away from their physical assets. Now being a boxer puncher works well for them too. That’s the problem with Paul Williams, he is very good as a pure pressure fighter but he leaves himself open to be counted at the same time as well do to his long arms and height by being in too close. At times his height works against him.

There is a time to fight big and fight small and fighters with height that like to bang AND box, have mastered that.


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Apr 12 2010

In The Gym Training Notes: Mma Conditioning Workout.

I have a pro mma fighter who has a big fight coming up and his conditioning is right where it needs to be. This is the conditioning circuit he did this afternoon after his boxing skill workout.

30 Sec power hooks on the heavy bag.
30 Sec Knees to the Bag.
30 Sec power 1-2’s on the heavy bag.
30 Sec air dyne sprints.
30 sec. jump and sprawl drill.
30 sec shadow boxing with hammers.
30 sec battling rope power slams.
30 sec sledge strikes.
30 sec db walking lunge.
30 heavy sand bag walk.

Pretty brutal and that’s why he’s in great shape and ready to fight!

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Apr 9 2010

Blast From The Past Edition: Featuring Meldrick Taylor

This is a new blast from the past I’ll be doing on my site here featuring the greats from yesterday. It wasn’t that long ago that Meldrick was doing his thing, sure he burnt out fast, but he was also a two time world champ and Olympic Gold medalist. He was also very gifted as you will see in this clip. Very fast is an understatement. Could Mayeather have handled Meldrick’s speed?… I doubt it.