Apr 30 2010

Mma Sandbag Strength/Conditioning Exercise.

Here’s a great exercise to simulate grappling with an opponent off your back and getting to your feet.

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Apr 26 2010

2010 Golden Gloves Champions.

Micah Branch won the 132lb. open Golden Glove championship this past weekend and heads off to Little Rock Arkansas to compete in the nationals. Micah fought a perfect fight and is heading to the nationals sharp and ready. This is his last year as an amateur fighter and our goal is to be ranked number #1 at 132 before going pro.


Micah is on the right track after winning the Arnold Classic Championship, the Golden Gloves regional and now fighting in the national tournament for the opportunity to win it and get ranked. He looks to take full advantage of this opportunity and I’ll keep you posted of his results.


Tarrell Steward won the 165lb. novice Golden Glove Championship stopping his opponent in the 2nd round. Tarrell worked his ass off in the gym and it showed with his terrific performance last night. Tarrell keeps getting better each fight and he owes this to his dedication of staying in the gym and working hard to keep getting better and wanting to get better.

I’m proud of them both.

Apr 21 2010

Q/A: Medicine Ball Power Training.

Here’s a question I got from Dr. Conway in regards to medicine ball training for developing power with fighters that I wanted to share with you all.

Dr. Conway:You recommend a 6-8 pound medicine ball for the rebounder on the power exercises. What would be the maximum weight of a medicine ball that could be used with a rebounder? I wondered about the controllability of a heavy medicine ball bouncing off a rebounder.

Rob: Yes, too heavy of a medicine ball could cause problems, if the student doesn’t catch it correctly, it can damage their teeth, face in general, or hit someone else or damage the gym. I’ve never used one heavier than 12 on the rebounder, on a mason/concrete wall yes. The ideal weight will be factored by the persons strength level, experience training with med balls/ability to control

Dr Conway: I have 12# and 15# medicine balls that I use now and wondered if those are too heavy to use on a rebounder? This may be redundant depending on how you answered question #2.

Rob:This depends on the persons strength level, training age, and experience with medicine ball training with the rebounder, using the rebounder changes a lot. Keep in mind that the prerequisites for explosive power is maximal strengthXspeed. so if the person isn’t strong enough to throw it with speed, they will build little power.

Dr. Conway:I know a heavy medicine ball may not be the best to use during a power cycle, but I thought maybe a 12# MB could be used for explosive work in a strength cycle preceding a power cycle. The ATTEMPT to move heavy implements quickly builds explosive power even though the implement is not moving fast. Your thoughts?

Rob:Yes the mental energy put into applying force to a heavy load builds strength speed and improves motor unit recruitment, also you can’t lift max effort lifts slow but it doesn’t improve explosive power because to train for speed you must move explosively and terminate the movement when speed declines. Using max effort lifts and tying to move them faster allows for greater II A motor unit recruitment that helps build the foundation for power, ( and applying this force also allows you to complete the lift!) the more explosive type II B motor units are recruited best with explosive movements and short reps/time. That is speed strength now compared to strength speed and again power is best built with lighter more explosive loads as technique can slip, potential for injury increase, and the cns is severely taxed with strength speed movements.

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Apr 19 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: Ghost Busted Again.

Kelly Pavlik was once again exposed and out hustled in his fight against Sergio Martinez. Kelly just can’t handle movement and speed and yes he did adapt and even up the fight in the middle rounds but it was Martinez who stepped on the gas and urgency in the championship rounds cutting Pavlik to a UD.

Martinez was known for fading fast late in the fight but not in this fight. He stepped on the gas at the right time touching Kelly up so much that he had Kelly dripping with blood.

Kelly just seemed too lethargic, too slow, too labored in his movements, while not showing the hunger and pride of a champion when he needed it the most.

I though Martinez beat Paul Williams and I was glad to see him get this well earned, well fought victory. He just put on a speed, movement, and boxing clinic on how to beat a powerful but slower fighter.

The best seems yet to come for Martinez as he can earn more $$ with a rematch with Pavlik, that is if Kelly chooses to exercise his rematch clause, or move on to a rematch with Williams.

Kelly on the other hand seems to be fading fast and much of this has to do with his lifestyle, lack of dedication to the sport, and his training taking place in Youngstown.

Kelly needs to get his shit together quick if he is to salvage his slipping career, he needs to train outside of Ohio, I feel it would revive him to get him in a competitive gym/training environment like Freddie Roach’s Wild Card Gym. Now I’m not saying that Freddie should train Kelly, as Jack Lowe knows his shit and fighter, its just that Kelly needs to be placed in a tougher environment with better fighters and sparring that will rekindle his fighting ability and expand upon it. That’s what made the legendary Kronk Gym famous in its heyday and he just isn’t getting it done with what his team is doing now.

Bute staking his claim.
Lucian Bute is no doubt the best fighter in the super middle weight division that isn’t in the super six. He totally destroyed Miranda catching Miranda as Miranda was acting like an ass.

The obvious fight for Bute is the Super Six winner, this is good as Bute can keep improving his marketability,exposure, skill, and experience, while the top super middle weights battle it out. Time will tell who truly is the king of this hot division.


In tragic news, it was first reported that Edwin Valero stabbed his 20 year old wife to death and then turned himself in. Then the news hit of Valero taking his own life in his jail cell hanging himself.

What a disgraceful act of Valero, even more what a waste of a budding career amidst a turbulent lifestyle that lead to this act. The taking of just 20 year old Yennifer Carolina’s life leaves me a loss for words but prayers going out to both families.