Mar 15 2010

A Big Fight With NO Fight. Pacquiao Dominates.

This was as a one sided fight as they come. Manny totally dominated and embarrassed Clottey last Saturday night. Joshua landed some solid and quick shots but just didn’t let his hands go. He didn’t fight to win, he just fought to not get knocked out.


Manny cut some nice angles and displayed amazing hand speed and combos in shutting Clottey out. Pacquiao’s stamina is truly amazing.

What else is there to say about this fight other than why does Clottey deserve 2.5 million dollars for that performance?!

Bring on the Mosley-Mayweather winner. I’m hoping Shane whips Floyd’s ass cause Pacquiao-Mosley is a guaranteed action packed fight. Hell, just thinking about that fight is far more exciting than the Pacquiao-Clottey fight was.

Can’t wait till May 1st!

Mar 13 2010

Pacquiao-Clottey: My Take.


Although this isn’t considered a big fight tonight, it is a very intriguing and dangerous fight for Manny Pacquiao. I also think Clottey will be a very good gauge on how good Manny really is.

I say that because Clottey is very strong, tough, has fast hands, good defense, and really just knows how to fight. The biggest factor though is that he is a big, fast counter puncher, just the style that gives Manny fits.

What Clottey can’t do however is fight a whole twelve rounds. Against Pacquiao you have too, just ask Juan Marquez.

If Clottey can time Manny coming in, he’ll start to frustrate him and when Manny becomes frustrated, he tends to go back to his old wild self. Pacquiao will prevent Clottey from timing him by punching in on different angles, Pacquiao’s very fast feet, and hands will be extremely hard for Joshua to time as well. This is a WHOLE different level of speed and movement that Joshua will face tonight.

This should be a good, tough, close fight early, but look for Manny to step it up late where Clottey tends to fade and either stop Clottey, by just overwhelming him, or sealing the win with a clear cut unanimous decision.

That’s one of the most dangerous factors in facing Manny, all he needs is a little lapse, opening, or let down in a fighter, just for a second or two and he pounces on that with such intensity that the fight changes that fast.

Joshua isn’t coming to lay down or fight for a few rounds before cashing his big check. He’s coming to win and I’ll also say that I’d be far from shocked if he pulls the upset tonight as he has everything he needs to beat Manny. He just isn’t that consistent to do that though, and against Pacquiao, you need to be very good, AND consistent to beat him.

Enjoy the fight!

Mar 10 2010

Old Skool Fight Sports & Fitness Academy’s 2010 Arnold Classic Boxing Tourney Champions.

Congrats to our 2010 Arnold Classic Boxing Tourney Champions Micah Branch and April Redick. Job well down to runner ups, Christy Lacy, who fought a hellava fight loosing a very close decision, Mike Goins, and Tarrell Steward who where both robbed, terrible decisions!!



Pilger’s Old Skool Boxing Team performed extremely well as we displayed great skill and conditioning among some very sloppy boxing/fighters.

On to the Golden Gloves next month where we plan to kick some ass!!

Mar 3 2010

Boxing Training Techniques- Shadow Boxing Drill.

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