Mar 29 2010

Weekend Wrap Up.


Andre Dirrell fought a brilliant fight against Arthur Abraham last Saturday night, that is until the point Arthur landed the illegal blow that ko’d Andre and disqualified Abraham.

Andre laid the blueprint on how to shut down Arthur. It was interesting to see how Arthur was mentally breaking down and getting more and more frustrated when Dirrell was having his way in the fight. Arthur couldn’t adapt early but was coming on strong late until the point he blew the fight.

Who knows what would have happened if Arthur wouldn’t have threw that stupid punch. Would he have caught the quickly fatiguing Dirrell and ko’d him? Possible, but Arthur displayed his mental weakness by landing that horrible blow and he got what he deserved and Andre as well by becoming the new champion.

Andre displayed great poise, consitancy, movement, speed, timing, and more power in this fight. What an improvement from the Foch fight! His potential is vast and it seems the best is yet to come if he can recover from that shot. Arthur on the other hand displayed his true colors in that fight when he didn’t have his way and the blue print on how to shut him out appears to have been laid. He needs to bounce back strong from this loss.


Marcos Maidana is sure fun to watch and brings a lot of excitement into the ring but people need to slow their roll if they think he can be a threat to Tim Bradley or Devon Alexander. Khan-Maidana would be fun to watch and i fancy Marco’s chances in that fight against the suspect chin of Amir.


Joan Guzman shouldn’t have been allowed to fight by weighing as heavy as he did by fight time. What lack of professionalism by Joan not making weight yet again!! That’s bullshit and uncalled for. Suspend his ass. Funeka did his part and was the true pro leading up to the fight and during it.

Funeka just can’t get the decsion he deserves in his fights with Guzman. Guzman just can’t seem to make the contracted weight. Here’s hoping we don’t see Joan’s fat ass soon and Funeka gets another crack at the title he deserves.

Mar 25 2010

Mma Conditioning Workout-Sprawl Drill.

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Mar 22 2010

Shadow Boxing With Hammers Workout Drill.

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Mar 18 2010

Q/A: Death To Running In Boxing Conditioning Workouts?

Hey Rob

Hope all is well bro. Got a couple of questions for you I hope you don’t mind having a look at:

1, It seems to me that “running” has fallen out of favor these last few years as a staple part of fighter’s exercise program. I was thinkng that perhaps it could serve as one possible “non-specific” tool in the purpose developing the aerobic system by way of low intensity jogging (as indeed could swimming/cycling for that matter)to stimulate eccentric cardiac hypertrophy and increase the efficiency of the heart. Result being a lower resting heart rate, lower working heart rate and greater cardiac efficiency.

2, Also I was wondering on using seated db cleans for the external rotators you ever use these?

Hey congrats on getting telavised as well 😉 Real pleased for you.

All the best


Kev, I don’t think running as a whole has been bashed, just long distance running/jogging. We run sprints, change of direction sprints, prowler sprints, etc… and for lower intensity running, we use tempo runs, these runs will improve all the above in your question.

Swimming is awesome for conditioning and we dig the airdyne bike for tabata training.

Yes, I use cleans with a fast but controlled tempo. We always have an exercise to train the external rotators on the shoulder in our programs.

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