Jan 29 2010

Boxing Training Defense Drill- Slipping the 1-2.

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Jan 25 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: The Future Is Now In The Featherweight Division.

Juan Manuel Lopez and Yuriorkis Gamboa both proved this past Saturday night that the future is now in the featherweight division. To say both fought spectacularly, is an understatement!


Gamboa is really starting to season as a young pro. His defense is tightening up while his speed, power, and reflexes continue to overwhelm his opponents. This was only the seventeenth fight for Gamboa so after some rough moments in his early fights, his transition to a dominant and well rounded pro seems to be right on pace for a kid with only seventeen fights and a shit load of amateur bouts.

I would like to see Gamboa continue to grow and build before a super fight with Juanma. Ponce De Leon sounds like the next perfect opponent to me. No matter who Gamboa fights next, I’ll be watching, and to think that I thought that Rogers Mtagwa had a shot of upsetting Gamboa… I was glad to be wrong on that performance.


Juan Manuel Lopez had the tougher opponent in the champion and more experienced Luevano. Luevano is a counter puncher so the fight didn’t make an early Juanma highlight reel as previous fights.

Styles make fights and although Luevano fought well in spots, Juan’s speed, power, and timing was just too much for Luevano to handle. Juanma is a fucking beast and this fight will only making him better in learning how to master a counter puncher.

Juanma needed the rounds against an experienced fighter and champion and he got them.

The drums are now beating for Gamboa-Lopez but they’ll be beating for awhile as Arum, the old school promoter he is is building their future fight into a meg fight. Look for both fighters to try to clean out the division while building such a huge demand for their fight that’ll far surpass a super fight it’s destined to be. I agree with Arum doing this and both fighters need to develop more before being pushed into such a fight. Remember, great things come to those who wait. So be patient won’t you!

Jan 23 2010

Female Boxing Sparring Workout.

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Jan 20 2010

Q/A: Tips For Improving Sparring Performance.

Hey Rob,

I’ve been training in muay Thai for about five months and have begun sparring recently. I am glad the experienced guys take it easy on me right now; I am beginning to realize how easily a pro-level or a skilled amateur fighter could dismantle someone.

Anyway, my question is how do you cross the ‘no man’s land’, so to speak, and start setting up what you want to do? I’m trying to flick the jab out, throw some light kicks and gauge things but it just doesn’t seem to click as far as what to do.

I’m guessing it takes a lot of practice but if you could give some tips or perhaps suggest some materials to learn from, I’d really appreciate that.


Ryan, yes, it takes time and you w2ill get better the more you spar. Break down what you are having trouble with in sparring with a partner and drill it. That’s it, just keep breaking down what’s difficult for you in drills and attack it till it’s natural for you.

Also the more sparring you do, the more vision you will have, the more relaxed you will be, and what your training is teaching you will flow better in the real world of sparring.

Just make sure the sparring is beneficial to you and doesn’t turn into a gym war where the skill goes out the window!

Good luck and keep me updated!

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