Dec 12 2009

Hardcore Boxing Workout Leg Conditioning Drill.

Here’s a unique conditioning exercise we like to use to condition the legs to go 20 rounds if we had too. If anyone has ever fought on a punchers apron they know how it zaps your legs, that is, until you’ve trained with this conditioning drill.

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Dec 7 2009

Weekend Wrap Up.

This weekend we where treated to a MUCH better fight than expected when Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez went to war.

The biggest winner from this fight was Sergio even though he supposedly lost. Few boxing experts ( if you call these fucking idiots that ) gave Martinez much of a chance. Everyone was high on Paul, focusing on his strengths while sleeping on Martinez’s. Well after getting dropped and not hurt Martinez woke everyone up when he dropped Paul HARD. The fight was on after that.

I feel Paul was exposed again in this fight. Yes, he has a very aggressive smothering style behind his insanely long reach but he tends to lay his punches out there and while bringing them back low as was evidenced by Martinez’s awesome counter right hooks.

Sergio could have fought harder down the stretch and I feel he gave Paul the chance to still the fight by his excessive back peddling. Sergio has nobody to blame but himself for this loss. I thought Sergio won but he could have made it more decisive.

Here are the thoughts of my fellow boxing junkie buddy Alwyn Cosgrove on the scoring in an email he sent me minutes ago, and I couldn’t have said it better.

1: Even 10-10 (could make the case that Martinez landed a better/harder knockdown and won – as Lederman said)
2: Martinez 10-9
3: Martinez 10-9
4: Martinez 10-9
5: Williams 10-9
6: Williams 10-9
7: Williams 10-9
8: Martinez 10-9
9: Williams 10-9
10: Martinez 10-9
11: Martinez 10-9 106-104
12: RAZOR CLOSE! 10-10
He landed the cleaner punches — but Williams landed more volume.

116-114 Martinez with two even rounds
If I gave one of those rounds to Williams it’s 115-114 Martinez.
If I give both to Williams it’s 115-114 Williams

Don’t have an issue with 114-144 or even 115-113 for Williams obviously.
119-110 is absolutely insane. That judge should be barred.

If Martinez kept his hands up he doesn’t get jabbed at all.

Overall I like Max’s comment – “who would you rather be?” I’d rather have been Martinez by FAR.

Overall: Ring Generalship: Martinez
Clean Punching: Tie
Effective aggressiveness: Williams was more aggressive but I’m not sure it was more effective
Defense: Martinez


Look for an immediate rematch and another great fight between these two good fighters.

On the under card Chris ” Lard Ass Arreolla took care of business against out gunned and undersized Brian Minto. Minto showed big balls to the end going out on his shield and deserves respect for his gutty effort.

I like Chris a lot and I’m just breaking his balls with the lard ass comment but it is true and it’s very true that Chris isn’t realizing his true potential with coming in this big. He needs to get his shit together quick if he wants to compete at the world class level because coming in that heavy is going to get him beat again when he steps up in competition.

Chris Arreola at 230 is scary and the first Mexican heavyweight champion ever!

*** Big props to Freddie Roach for retooling Amir Khan and reestablishing that cold blood killer attitude with his first round KO of Salita.

All those Khan bashers can now shut the fuck up. I keep saying it, but a loss early in a hot prospects career can be a blessing in disguise. I mean look how Khan cleaned house within his team and brought in the trainer he needed with Roach that has performing Khan at the level many foresaw since Amir turning pro.

***The super lightweight division is loaded with potential big fights! Bradley-Peterson this Saturday night should be a great fight.

*** Jim Lampley keeps pissing me off more and more with each telecast. Jim’s not calling it like he truly sees it with the house fighters nuts hanging from his chin has gone too far!

*** Sometimes I think Harold Lederman is full of shit with his scoring but not this weekend.

*** I tell you what the state boxing commission should do RIGHT after the fight when a judge is waaaay off in scoring. Throw his stupid ass to the crowd and let them have there way with him. I just get the feeling that the horrible blind scoring would then stop don’t you?

Dec 4 2009

Don’t Forget To Do This When Cutting Angles In The Ring.

I often see a very fundamental mistake when fighters cut angles in sparring or in an actual fight. They cut the angle but take themselves too far out of position to counter.

The fundamental law of cutting angles is cut over and in. You must move in when cutting the angle in one smooth motion to take advantage of the opening you created.

Work on this while shadow boxing in front of a mirror so you can see yourself stepping over and in. Embed this motion and enjoy the bountiful scoring opportunities it gives you.

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