Dec 24 2009

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Dec 22 2009

Boxing Striking For Mma Training Tip: The Feint.

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Dec 18 2009

Mma Circuit Training Conditioning Workout.

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Dec 14 2009

Weekend Wrap Up.

It was a busy weekend of boxing this past weekend, some good fights, and a horrible showing effort in another fight. Lets get to it.


This fight was a fucking joke and Johnson shouldn’t have been paid for such a lack of effort on Johnson’s part.

All that shit Johnson was talking before the fight, trying to be gangsta and he ends up fighting like a scared bitch! A joke and there’s nothing else to say other than we can’ hate on Vitali, he fought and did what he had to do, and did it.


Paulie is back stronger than ever as he delivered a boxing clinic to Juan Diaz. This is a great win for Paulie and he’s back to his old style, slicker than ever. He shut Juan out by just boxing his ass of while having fun.

I was really impressed with the way he boxed and I tell you what, he’s going to give anybody at 140 fits, including Tim Bradly, with his style and experience.

Thank god the judges got it all right with superb, right on scoring.


It looked like Vic was in for another long night before he dropped a bomb on Rojas, knocking him out in the 2nd round. I think Vic was very fortunate to have landed that heavy bomb, as he wasn’t fighting his best. He was loading up to much and getting out worked.

Vic needs to tighten up ship if he’s to avenge he loss against Donaire, who he is slated to fight next. If Vic head hunts against Donaire, he gets his ass knocked out again.


This was the best fight this weekend and Tim Bradley put on the best performance by far in schooling Lamont Peterson.

I’ll admit, I thought Peterson would give Bradley lots of problems and even beat him. Tim however fought like the seasoned pro he know is by taking Lamont out of the fight early with those heavy right hands he landed.

Big props to Lamont for fighting with LOTS of heart and balls. He made Tim work! But he just didn’t have the experience he needed to beat Bradley.

Bradley is getting better and better with each fight and tougher challenge much like James Toney did when he won his first world title at middleweight.

Tim displayed great speed, angles, power, and will in breaking down Lamont. Too bad there’s no big money fights for Tim at 140.

Khan, and Alexander seem to be his biggest threats but they lack the world class experience that Tim has been gaining.

I know it’s early, but we can call Time a bit off an old school fighter with his blue collar fighting approach of fighting the best fighters out there, while getting better each time doing it.

Tim is NOT a product of superb promotion/management. He’s a product of a fighter paying his dues and working his ass off while upping his game with each new challenge.

Old school indeed.