Nov 14 2009

Pacquiao vs Cotto: What To Expect.

Tonight is the night! Is this 2009 or 1984? I mean it seems like we are back in the 80’s with this block buster fight tonight.

Manny and Miguel are both ready with no excuses. They have both demonstrated lots of class leading up to tonight but that ends when the bell rings tonight.

Look for Manny to start fast and not allow Miquel to get in a rhythm. Look for Miguel to both box and rough up Manny while timing and countering Manny’s aggressive style.

Who ever is disciplined enough to stick to their fight paln will win. So who am I and others of team picking?

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Nov 9 2009

Weekend Wrap Up.


The Dawson-Johnson fight was also dull as hell. Chad fought a smart fight though, boring maybe, but pretty damn good. I guess we could call him the second coming of Michael Nunn.

With he Tarver and Johnson fights finally out of the way look for Chad to breathe new life in his career with more livelier challenges from younger contenders. Tarvis Cloud could be that contender or a unification fight with Pascal.

We’ll get a better outlook on Chad then.

Nov 7 2009

Q/A: Staying In Shape On a Tight Budget.

Hi Rob!
Hope you are ok.
I am short of money and cannot afford a bus pass yet, so I am trying to stay in shape with various forms of cardio.
I currently quite like rowing, both sprints and longer distances.

Any tips, any preferred methods of non-boxing specific cardio? Any methods to the madness?

Thanks in advance!

Charis, Grab a jump rope and do jump rope intervals with it, 30 secs. moderate, 30secs, as fast and as high as you can get your knees up.

Shuttle runs, sprints with incomplete rests, drills like sprint 30 yards half the intensity run 20, sprint 30, run 20 rest, repeat sets.

Body weight exercises in circuits, burpees, mountain climbers, cross jumping jacks, bear crawls, Ali Shuffles, all for 30 secs each. Rest 1 min. between sets.

If you have a kettle bell or two do some kettle bell circuits.

Grab some tape and make some boxes on the floor for a ladder and do different ladder drills for time.

Grab a sledge and beat a tire, if you have a wheel barrel load it heavy and walk fast for time.

That should help you out Charis

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Nov 2 2009

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Exposed For What He Really Is.

Give this a listen. Many have know this about Floyd but the rugged man does an awesome job of exposing Floyd Jr. for what he really is.

Talk about calling Floyd Jr. out! Big props to rugged man for telling it like it is!