Andre Ward Just Knows How To Win.

I’ll admit, I’m was surprised to see Andre Ward dominate Mikkel Kessler last Saturday night. Andre came in with a brilliant fight plan, changing up through out the fight, keeping Mikkel guessing and reacting.

Ward just knows how to win and deal with adversity, after all, he was the only gold medalist on his 2004 Olympic team. He didn’t lose that many many fights in the amateurs, I’m sorry, I cant remember his streak but it was sick.

He brought that with him the the ring against Kessler that night, no matter what the opposition, getting the job done and winning.

I thought Ward would pose some serious problems with his athleticism, speed and movement, but to dominate, that was extremely impressive.

he just know how to win and that’s very dangerous for the rest of the fighters in the Super 6 tournament.

You can’t help but favor Ward now to win it, I see Abraham and Ward doing the best in the tourney now and I can’t wait to see them fight!

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