Super Six After Thoughts.


Arthur Abraham did as expected in stopping Taylor late. It was the hard and sudden ko that was the shocker though.

I didn’t like Arthur’s fight plan during the fight. He just covered up allowing Taylor to get off to a fast start hoping that he would tire hard late.

That was a risky gamble as what if Taylor wouldn’t have fatigued and he would have maintained a busy work rate behind a good defense late in the fight? Arthur just didn’t work as much as he could have earlier on and I really disliked his corner work as well. As his corner was gambling for Taylor to fatigue late and fortunately for team Abraham Taylor did gas out late.

Arthur better fight better than that against Dirrell in their upcoming fight in the super six. If Arthur gives Andre an early lead it’ll be hard to come back from that as Andre doesn’t tire and doesn’t make stupid mistakes. Add that Andre was fucked in England and you have him fighting with more urgency in their upcoming fight.

This is going to be Abraham’s toughest fight to date due to Dirrell’s style and physical gifts of speed and movement.


I thought that Dirrell deserved the decision against Froch. Andre has nobody to blame but himself as he should have sat down on his punches sooner knowing that you REALLY have to beat the champion to take the title from him. Andre did enough but not enough if that makes sense.

I thought this fight sucked and it was sloppy at times. Froch didn’t look good, fought a stupid fight and was lucky to get the decision in his backyard.

If Froch fights like that against Kessler in the next round, he’s going to get his ass knocked out!

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