Sep 15 2009

Update: New Gym Website.

The reason I haven’t been posting much is that I’ve been extremely busy with my gym. My new gym website is up. Please check out and as you’ll see by our competition schedule, we stay busy.

Sep 4 2009

Q/A: Mythical Match Up.

What’s up Rob? I wanted to know how do you think Marvin Hagler would have done in the 60’s against guys like George Benton, Emile Griffith, and Rubin Carter? What about more recent guys like Gerald McClellan and Shane Mosley?

Hi Mike and thanks for this great question.

Hagler would have been a force in any era. I think he would have beaten Carter and ko’d him late but Griffith and Benton would be hell for him, because of there movement, power, reflexes along with being crafty smart fighters who really new how to fight, hell that’s why Benton never got a shot at the title.

I think the Gerald would push Hagler to the limits but I would give Hagler the edge because I feel he would be stronger than Gerald at middleweight and Hagler and stronger in the later rounds. Shane would have the tools and style to beat Marvin but not the frame and size.

Going in different directions here…

I think James Toney would beat Hagler in a mythical match up as Hagler’s style was perfect for Toney’s

I also think Greb would have been way too much for Marvin though and fighters like Tony Zale, Charley Burley, Ray Robinson, Carlos Monzon beating him too.

Fighters like Gene Fullmer, Joey Giardello, would have pushed him along with the current all time great Bernard Hopkins.

Lots of great middleweights over the years Mike and I’m leaving some out here, that would bring different intangibles to the ring making excellent fights!

Sep 1 2009

Q/A: Strength/Power Training For Kickboxing.

Hello Rob,

I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me some tips. I train kickboxing 3x per week and want to know how to incorporate strength/power training into it. This is the program I follow…
Day 1: Bench press, bench press variation 3×3, dips, explosive pushups
Day 2: Plyo Jumps, Deadlift, Deadlift variation 3×3, chins, rows
Day 3: Plyo Jumps, Squat, goodmornings, clean and press, shrugs supersetted with rear delts

How can I turn this into more of a kickboxing power program and develop explosive power without the sacrifice of maximal strength?
Thanks and kind regards,

Tal, keep in mind without assessing you I have no idea of what you really need.

Well, to get explosive you must have a good base of maximal strength built. So if you aren’t really strong yet focus more on that while still adding some speed exercises. Then when a desired max strength level is achieved focus more on speed. The key is to remain fresh for your skill workouts and allowing proper neural recover to make gains in strength and speed.

I would do 1 max effort upper day and 1 max effort lower day followed by a speed and injury prevention training day.

You need to add rotational core exercises ( land mines, reverse wd chops, kettle bell swings etc.) train the posterior chain, so keep your rdl deadlift variation and I would add reverse hypers, glute ham raises, and pull throughs instead of good mornings, row variations are great, chins, pull up variations, and address mobility to improve performance as well.

Really for exercises selection depending on your real needs focus on getting more down with less with he above. Factor in restoration/lifestyle as well. These are really first and foremost.

Remember to keep perfecting skill technique to achieve true carry over.