Looking Back on Mayeather-Marquez For What it Really Was.


I’m getting to get right to it… Mayweather’s win over Marquez really prove shit! He came in heavy and probably was 20lbs heavier by fight night.

He beat a very good light weight, a faded fighter. How int he fuck wasn’t Mayweather supposed to look good?

I thought Marquez would have some brief moments but Floyd was simply too big, too strong, and too fast, while Marquez again was TOO SMALL.

Nothing else to say here other thn when the hell is Floyd going grow some balls and fight a fighter with some swag? A strong, fast, fighter who’s skills are still sharp?

Mosley stepped to him after the fight in the ring and I fucking dug that!! That’s what real fighters do. Shane wasn’t begging for a pay day, he was demanding a shot at the fighter who’s been ducking him since lightweight. He’s demanding a fight with the so called best fighter in the world, he’s just a fighter wanting to prove himself against the so called best.

That’s old school, get in the fighters ass when it’s their time to shine after disposing another over matched fighter. Shane just proved what kind of fighter Floyd has been, a very talented fighter who refuses to fight the best while still at their best.

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