Sep 28 2009

Ruling With An Iron Fist.

Vitali took care of business with a very impressive beat down of Chris Arreola this past Saturday night. Vitali proved that youth is but a tool in Chris’s case and that experience trumps all with his ( Vitali’s ) performance.

That was Vitali’s best performance to date. The energy he displayed and the angles he used while doing it behind a dominat jab was amazing. Vitali looked like the 28 year old fighter not the 38 year old fighter he is.

From the onset you could tell hat Chris’s excessive weight was causing him to loose balance and he lacked mobility when he needed to move in behind Vitali’s long and hard jab.

Chris left himself down with coming into the ring weighing that much. That’s fucking bullshit to come into the ring that heavy against such a tough champion. He really got the ass beating he deserved to teach him a much needed lesson that there’s no half assing it on the world class level.

It’s scary that Vitali just keeps getting better since his four year lay off. I’ll admit, I’m still not a fan of his but I give the man the credit he deserves. I feel he’s a better fighter than his brother, maybe not as polished in skills, but far more tough, determined, mentally strong, and he has balls that Wladimir lacks.

There’s no denying that Vitali is the most dominant heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis and probably could be just as dominant for a long period like Larry Holmes was.

Who can beat him? Good question.

Chris will be back and I feel that he needed this type of fight to really show him what he needs to do to win on that level. There’s no fucking around with the best and the lessons that Vitali taught him in the ring that night will only serve him better BEHIND proper training.

If Chris can dedicate himself, he can be world champion when Vitali retires, Hell, if he can dedicate himself I would give him a hellava shot at Wladimir.

Chris will be back and depending how serious he takes his training, will let us know for how long.

Sep 24 2009

Body Snatcher Bag Workout.

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Sep 22 2009

Looking Back on Mayeather-Marquez For What it Really Was.


I’m getting to get right to it… Mayweather’s win over Marquez really prove shit! He came in heavy and probably was 20lbs heavier by fight night.

He beat a very good light weight, a faded fighter. How int he fuck wasn’t Mayweather supposed to look good?

I thought Marquez would have some brief moments but Floyd was simply too big, too strong, and too fast, while Marquez again was TOO SMALL.

Nothing else to say here other thn when the hell is Floyd going grow some balls and fight a fighter with some swag? A strong, fast, fighter who’s skills are still sharp?

Mosley stepped to him after the fight in the ring and I fucking dug that!! That’s what real fighters do. Shane wasn’t begging for a pay day, he was demanding a shot at the fighter who’s been ducking him since lightweight. He’s demanding a fight with the so called best fighter in the world, he’s just a fighter wanting to prove himself against the so called best.

That’s old school, get in the fighters ass when it’s their time to shine after disposing another over matched fighter. Shane just proved what kind of fighter Floyd has been, a very talented fighter who refuses to fight the best while still at their best.

Sep 17 2009

Do This To Crank Up Your Heavy Bag Workouts.

Here’s a great drill to use to crank up your heavy bag workouts.

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