Aug 7 2009

Q/A: Combining Boxing/MMA Training With Strength Workouts.

Your boxing insights and advice have been great. I’ve always been a fan of boxing and MMA. I’ve been into martial arts most of my life and trained in BBJ back in 2000 2001 before UFC was popular. lol. I would like to incorporate some MMA/boxing into my routine. Currently I’m on Wendler’s 5/3/1. However, I feel that MMA/boxing is a great way to get my cardio and skill up. I was think of adding focus mitts, bag, jump rope and sparring right after my upperbody days or the day after. Prowler and/or sled hard conditioning on lower body days. I want to make sure I can still recover. Does this sound logical. Current weight 240. Lifts: squat 455, BE 365, Dead 585. RAW and lifetime drugfree. I only posted this so you have an idea of my strength levels. What would you do?

Ralph, thanks for the words and for reading.

Yeah, everyone seems to do it cause it’s in or what everyone else is doing, not doing it to master it so much. There’s a lot of fakes out there!

Ralph, I would recommend you do the pad work and jump rope the day after upper. I do this and it works for me but I don’t do any repetition arm or chest work the day before cause it fucks up my boxing workout the next day, I’m not saying it will or won’t for you just try that and if that works great, if not add it after your upper day and try that.

One thing to consider about sparring is I would spar the day after a speed day not a max effort, or repetition day, that is if you spar hard as I still do with real fighters. If you do light sparring, then no worries.

Try the hard conditioning on lower body days I use the tred sled, prowler, kettle bell clean circuits right after and it works well but I keep my lower body accessory volume low if I’m going to condition super hard, supplement lift volume low as well.

You just have to tweak it Ralph continuously to your feel… I have always lifted raw and drug free and this is what works for me.

Be sure to foam roll, consume aminos during your workout, drink half your body weight in ounces of water, and get plenty of sleep while minimizing your daily stressors to improve and more so improve your recovery with the above programing guidelines.

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Aug 4 2009

If You Are Gonna Crunch, Then Perform This Crunch.

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