Boxing Gym Notes: How To Find Hidden Power in Your Hook.

I find that many fighters forsake a lot of unused power in the hook by using poor technique of course. They often tense up and arm punch more so as they fatigue. Before too long this becomes a permanent habit and one hard to break.

Fighters that throw the hook this way leave behind untapped punching power. The power comes from the ground up and three of the biggest mistakes I see fighters make is 1. They don’t pivot their foot when throwing the hook, 2. They don’t pull/rotate back the right shoulder when throwing the left hook, and 3. They fail to turn the hook over.

Check your left hook, is it really as good as it can be? Technique today is watered down and sloppy in a lot of fighters. I hope you aren’t one of them and if you are, I highly suggest you get in front of a mirror and break down the left hook by practicing the above movements that make or break it.

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