Yes He’s Boring But He’s Getting It Done.

Call him boring, call him safety first, say he has no balls, ( I really don’t think he does ) it all doesn’t matter because Wladimir is simply getting it done.


Wlad was truly dominant in his win over Chagaev last Saturday night in fucking boring fight. Boring as it may have been Wlad continue to use his jab, footwork, and height to keep his opponents out of harms way and within his range to score and demoralize them at will.

Wlad will continue to use this style until someone presses him and makes him fight. A fighter need to press him with fast feet, hands, and power. Until a heavyweight with these intangibles and balls does, look for Wlad and his fights to look the same. Boring, but dominate.

I mean there’s nothing else to write or comment about the fight or Wlad. He continues to break his opponents and their will down and out.

Here’s hoping that a talented heavyweight with balls, size, speed, and power presses him and makes him fight soon!

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