Jun 15 2009

Clottey Beat Himself.


This post will be short as there’s nothing really to say about the pretty good scrap between Cotto-Clottey other than Clottey blew many opportunities.

I had the fight 7 rounds to 5 in favor of Cotto but there where many chances for Clottey to seize momentum and the fight.

I mean Clottey was fighting a one eyed fighter after that bad gash over Cotto’s eye. He seemed to gain control then lose it like that.

Yeah a lot of that had to do with Cotto’s awesome will and heart but Joshua really fucked up. He wasn’t robbed it was a close fight he made close and that’s as obvious as Margarito having plaster on his wraps in the Cotto fight.

Cotto finally proves that he’s over the Margarito fight in my opinion. This was really a gut check fight and Miguel did it. He was finally able to fight better this fight in the late rounds as well. Considering the circumstances Cotto was dealt.. he fought pretty damn good.

If Joshua doesn’t learn how to fight a twelve round fight and seize momentum when he gains it, he’ll continue to fall short in big fights that Cotto has learned to win.

Jun 13 2009

My Take On Cotto vs Clottey.

This is a very good fight. Both will bring it and both are hungry… Cotto has the better experience but Clottey hasn’t suffered a tough loss like Cotto has and his confidence is high along with his skill level being at it’s peek. I don’t think that the Margarito fight has damaged Miguel as many think.

I think Miguel is really going to up his game with the PR day parade this weekend and with him wanting to prove he’s back with a vengeance at the world class level.

Clottey throws a lot of punches and is relentless but I feel Miguel will wisely work his body and place his shots well to wear him down late in the fight. Clottey has yet to prove he can close the show. He has yet to prove he can adapt and regain momentum. He starts good but fades late. He better not do that shit with Cotto.

I think Miguel will display a tight defense and mix some movement along with walking Clottey down. I feel Cotto will be the stronger fighter in the ring that night and with his people there to support him… the hungrier fighter.

Look for the first half of the fight to be pretty competitive, fairly close, and very fun to watch. I think Miguel’s body work, hand speed, and power will take over the 2nd half of the fight I feel he’s more proven on the world class level beating the better fighters. Clottey is dangerous but who’s he really beat?

I could be completely fucking way off but we’ll soon see. I just want to see a good fight. Hard to imagine it will be anything but that.

Cotto UD.

Jun 11 2009

The Bags Don’t Lie.

My gym is jammed packed with students and I don’t always need to watch them to know if they’re throwing their punches correctly. All you have to do is listen to the bags. The sound tells all. I can be all the way across the gym but I know my students are turning into their punches when I here the cracking of the bags.

I tell my students the same thing as they’re banging away on them… Listen and you’ll know that your technique is good or poor as you fatigue.

Put it this way, You could be blind and still tell the quality of the gym by how the bags sound.

That’s what’s so great about boxing workouts, there’s no BS… the bags never lie to you.

Jun 9 2009

One Punch That Doesn’t Let You Down.

Last weekend my boxing team and I made the long trek to Madison West Virginia for another boxing show.

This was Gregg’s second fight and he was up against a kid who was 9lbs heavier and three inches taller. The kid had the dimensions to cause Gregg problems but he didn’t. Why… Because Gregg got his jab pumping hard and fast early and he never allowed his opponent to get into a groove. I mean Greg was snapping his opponents head back!

Gregg followed up with hard right hands and strong body shots after the jab and the result of that work was two eight counts.

Even in the amateurs, a fight made easy by working behind a fast hard jab!