Ortiz Proved To Be More Sizzle Than Steak.

There was a lot of hype and sizzle about Victor Ortiz going into his fight with Marcos Maidana last Saturday night. All this shit about him being the next golden boy, having huge drawing potential, being a transcendent star… Problem is… Nobody taught him how to really fight. Or could he to begin with? You can’t put the ability to fight hard into a fighter. They have to have that.

I’m not kicking Ortiz under the bus here either, yeah he’s still very young and fighters like Pacquiao where ko’d early in their careers, but Manny didn’t turn his back and quit.


Ortiz did and that’s very disturbing to his team and management. Ortiz continued to let his true colors shine in his post fight interview with Kellerman… WOW! Victor didn’t sound like the future of Golden Boy there! How can you trust that he will fight back in a future tough fight with his performance he showed in the ring and with the post fight interview. You really can’t and I feel he showed everyone what he really is in that performance. As of now he’s far more sizzle than steak.

I hope the kid can turn his career around but he needs to grow some balls and have a heart transplant before his next tough fight.


BIG props to Maidana for spoiling the Ortiz party in an exciting way. That’s a true fighter right there and it’s fighters and fights like that that dub boxing The theater of the unexpected… You just never know what you are going to get and fighters records are so misleading more often than not in telling what kind of fighter and how much fight they bring with them into the ring.


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  • Joe Strain Says:

    Rob, You’re absolutly right about this. Unfortunatly I think it’s becoming an even bigger problem in the sport where everyone is desperate to find the next poster child. Ortiz was thrust into the spotlight way before he was ready, and way before he tested. I think you have to not only question Ortiz’s heart and drive, but also De La Hoya and Golden Boy for hyping him up before he was ready.

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