Apr 13 2009

Weekend Boxing Wrap Up.

In the co feature of the HBO Championship Boxing Series last Saturday night the plump as ever Chris Arreola blasted out a faded and showing up just for the pay day Jameel McCline.


I like Chris a lot and he can no doubt fight. But what he really needs to add to go to the next level is of course improved conditioning, weighing in the 250’s makes him an easy target, and improved head movement. He needs to come into the ring at 235lbs. to really maximize his talent and chances at winning the title when his time comes.

Entering the ring that fat and walking right in and going straight back with little movement will make it easy for either Klitschko to blast him out. I don’t know what the hell is going on in their camp but if Dan Goosen wants to protect his investment he better clean house in that team because based of their last three fights.. Chris has been coming in FAR heavier and showing less skill. He’s coming into the ring with more and more sloppy technique. It’s going to take more than 30 second rest periods between twelve rounds of sparring to get Chris in the shape he needs to be in to take advantage of his now lofty position.

Get it done fellas because boxing fans need a champion that brings it hard like Arreola.

Paul Williams jumped right on Winky Wright never allowing Winky to find a rhythm. Paul fought a very smart fight landing at will on the defensive master Wright.


It didn’t help Winky at all that he came into this fight with damn near two years of inactivity. He just couldn’t find Paul near enough to establish anything. Credit Paul for his smothering and moving fight plan. Paul is really taking advantage of these big opportunities he’s getting and beating an often dogged fighter in Wright really adds to his resume.

In the nights main event Paul proved he could bang a little at middleweight but if he really wants to stay at that weight he NEEDS to get stronger and not lay his punches out their at times. They better not fuck around at middleweight cause Abraham and Pavlik are two very strong middleweights compared to the gangly, lanky, Williams.

Paul needs to add some size and strength to really compete with the elite of that division and make his mind up if that is where he intends to make his mark. Moving up and down in weight classes doesn’t allow him to let his body grow into a strong division and that may very well cost him where he matches fighters equal in skill or superior in skill.

** DeMarcus “Chop Chop” Corley was jobbed on ESPN2! How can the judges vote against him when he enters the ring with that bad ass alien costume! True bullshit decision though and I can’t recall his opponents name for obvious reasons.

The Thrilla in Manilla documentary was very good in my opinion. Ferdie Pacheco kept cracking my ass up! with his blunt responses and recounts. People can say what they want about Joe holding a grudge but as they say, you don’t know how it feels unless you walked in that mans shoes. Frazier endured a lot of humiliation and deceit with Ali and it looks like he’s going to take that to his grave… So be it… Everyone needs to leave him be aout it.

Apr 7 2009

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Apr 2 2009

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