My Take on Pacquiao vs Hatton

Here’s my prediction for the BIG fight this weekend. I think it will live up to the hype. If you disagree with my take.. let me know!

I think Manny is going to win because he’s simply the better fighter with the better team.

Floyd Sr. has been talking a lot of shit saying Manny hasn’t improved and is an amateurish fighter. That dude is crazy because amateurish fighters don’t beat Marquez. What the hell do you call that mitt work that they do and those pity pat punches that are being thrown?

I feel Manny is far more a complete fighter than Ricky and has beaten better world class fighters.

Sure Ricky has been improving in the gym but that’s in the gym. Why is everyone basing his improvement against Paulie Malignaggi when he just punked Paulie out in that fight as Paulie didn’t even fight back.. Plus Paulie is a pillow puncher. When a fighter fights a guy with no power he’s far more brave and when there’s no resistance he looks better than he actually is.

Some people are saying that remember Manny was stopped twice to the body.. Ya, so the fuck what. That was early in his career and it wasn’t but a few fights ago that Ricky was ko’d by a fighter in Floyd who is really a soft puncher. Juan Lazcano hurt Ricky pretty good too and Urango hurt Ricky pretty good to the body too.

So people are liking Hatton’s chances better cause he has a trainer talking stupid shit disrespecting Manny for the real fighter that he is.

The fact is Ricky rose 7 lbs in weight and had problems at 147. Manny has been rising up in weight over the years starting his career at 106! He has been kicking ass since working with Roach. Roach made him into a two handed better fighter.

That’s an accomplished fighter AND trainer. The jury is still out on Floyd Sr. and Hatton.

Despite what Atlas says about Manny not being hungry enough anymore to have peeked I strongly disagree…. STRONGLY. Look at Manny’s character. That’s all I get to say.

For Ricky to win he has to get Manny off his game plan, rough him up, maul him, bang his body, time him and punch with him.

That’s going to be hard to do cause Manny is so battle tested, sharp from being active and winning, and just too fast and smart to allow that to happen. He’s going to come in on Ricky from different angles, time Ricky coming in, use his head movement to create openings while ripping Ricky’s body to set him up for a late round ass beating. Speed kills, real speed behind a relentless fucking viscous style.

Now I think Ricky will certainly make a fight out of it for a few rounds but the better corner in this fight will be also telling and that’s team Pacquiao as Freddie will guide Manny to victory in the corner with Manny listening to Freddie’s advice and following it out. Their bond and big fight experience with one another is a BIG factor that many experts are missing. That’s HUGE in a fight of this magnitude. People are going to see how important solid corner work is in this fight, how it makes a significant and decisive difference.

When Ricky gets tired and frustrated will he listen to Floyd or revert back to the reckless Ricky of old? Good question isn’t it? Roach can talk smack because he knows his fighter and they both REALLY trust one another, Floyd better hope the same for he and Hatton or it’s going to get bad fast.

Pacquiao late round stoppage. With Ricky fighting gallantly all till the end.

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One Response to “My Take on Pacquiao vs Hatton”

  • Kevin Says:

    I believe Pacquiao will defeat Hatten in the mid to late rounds, excepting if Hatten hurts the Pac Man, which is possible.

    Pacquiao has much better hand speed, has proved to be durable and conditioned, and can take punishment while dishing it out.

    Hatten the “Hit Man” can deliver great body shots and while he has proved to durable and conditioned as well, he was stopped by Mayweather by a cumulative effect. Look for a magnification of this cumulative effect against the Pac Man.

    Hatten can win, but unlikely (in my opinion).

    Look for a stoppage by the Ref in the 8th or 9th.

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