Q/A Part II

Here’s part two of my interview with Dan Allison

Dan)What do you think is the most important attribute to being a strength coach is?

Having an open mind to learn and listen to many sources. being an intuitive coach ( having the ability to change thins on the fly ) communication and listening skills, having discipline, owning and demonstrating great assessment skills as the athletes program will only be as good as the assessment. Of course walking the walk while talking the talk, always putting yourself in the athletes shoes and understanding what he is experiencing and living and coming from and dealing with in his life. life style factors and mindset are sorely overlooked.

Dan)What are the main things most athletes programs are usually missing?
(i.e. weaknesses or underdeveloped skills from previous training)

Stability, flexibility, mobility, these is often left out as strength and power are developed way too soon. Real and optimal core strength too along with proper movement skills. Life style/eating considerations. This is HUGE as the program and success of the athlete will flow off of this. This is really the most important.

Dan)How much time do invest into improving yourself as a coach? (how much “free” time)

At least an hour a day mainly 2 hours per day. This is my enjoyment as well.

Dan)How far does the “knowledge” take you before experience becomes the limiting factor?

Experience is everything. You gain knowledge from experience. Certainly you want to study what you do but you have to do what you study at the same time!

Dan)What’s your advice for students who are looking to get into the strength and conditioning industry (either university, private, etc..)?

Live it! really live it and learn from as many sources as possible. NEVER weld your head shut! I have seen many coaches suffer and miss out from a closed mind.

Dan) Thanks again, this is pretty cool of you

My pleasure Dan.. Anytime!

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