Mar 15 2009

Gym Notes: The Best Time To Work On Defense.

One of my students has a fight coming up this weekend. He’s in great shape and ready to go. The area that I’ve been focusing on in the final preparations is staying composed when fatigued.

Many fighters literally fall apart as they fatigued getting caught AND KTFO! They often work on their defensive drills when they’re fresh.

I like to push my fighters a different way. I have them work on slipping, rolling, and blocking punches when they’re dog tired from the different bag drills we use.

I train them to fight through the fatigue, manage it, and then overcome it by taking it head on after these taxing drills.

It’s VERY challenging to stay composed and maintain good defense when the fighters baked. Working on defense while in this state allows the fighter to grow a stronger backbone and allow them to stay together for a win in a tough close fight.

Everyone looks like a champ when fresh, but fatigue shows what a fighter is really made of. My fighters are liking what they are becoming by taking it head on when training this way and I know you will too.

Mar 11 2009

Improve Leg Strength & Enduarance with This Exercise.

Here’s a good exercise to use to improve over all conditioning and leg strength.

You can add shadow boxing to this exercise as well. Try walking 50 yards then shadow boxing for 30 seconds and then repeat or shadow box while walking.

Mar 5 2009

We Need To Build Young Fighters… Not Chase Them Away.

I’ve had a couple new students start training with me recently who have previously boxed at another gym. The trainer at that gym has a deep history of boxing and I was shocked to see the lack of skills in these students.

They left because they felt neglected. They got robbed more like it! They have poor stance, square up, they don’t extend and turn their punches over, they cross their feet when they move, they over commit to their punches, they keep their chins up and exposed, they don’t know how to use the jab to set up their punches, and they have no idea how to work the body.

7 months spent at THAT gym. That gym advertises they teach boxing. Bullshit is what it was. Those students were never taught the basics and never built a base!

Many people bitch about the lack of talented pros now a days. They should, more and more slop is becoming mainstay and considered normal technique. The REAL skill and science of boxing isn’t being taught.

I’ve had a few kids leave my gym because I was taking my time, I didn’t have them sparring enough.  Shit, I don’t run a gym were it’s… ok I’ll teach you the 1-2-3 and it’s time to spar. That’s normal in many gyms today. Time MUST be taken to groom fighters, teach them the TRUE skills, teach them the art. I’m a young coach and I know this because I trained at a gym like that when I was younger and it obviously sucked! I was also fortunate to find a gym with an excellent teacher who taught the old school style/skills of boxing.

Great pros are developed in the amateurs or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be done. We have to stop teaching these kids to slap and run and teach them true boxing skills. That’s why I’ll never have an interest in developing a young kid for the Olympics. I know better than that and besides… I teach boxing and what it really is. There are many others out there doing it to but we need more to get this sport flourishing with amazing and eye opening young fighters again.

Damn, I mean it all starts with the basics, why blow though them? Why over look them? What are these trainers trying to create? Do they even care? Do they just like to be around the hoopla?

My motto for us like minded trainers out there who teach real boxing skills is.. ” Bringing the sweet science back to boxing “.

Lets do it cause it sure as hell needs to be done. The business of boxing isn’t dying, never was, the TRUE skill is and that’s what’s scary!

Mar 2 2009

Marquez and Adamek Both Proved Youth Is Just A Tool But Having Experience And Knowing How To Fight Rules!

We were treated to another great weekend of boxing last weekend. Adamek and Marquez both delivered stellar performances while having rough starts.

They taught us several lessons in their fights as their opposition really brought the best out of them.

First off Banks shouldn’t have been in the ring with Adamek. I mean he only had 20 fights going in against tame opposition. I think Manny has too much confidence with his young fighters today and this is getting them knocked off hard. First Andy Lee now Banks.


I’m not taking anything away from Adamek either. Banks physical gifts allowed him to hurt Adamek early and be in the fight for five rounds.

Admek showed what kind of seasoned pro he is by making the adjustments necessary to brutally defeat the young and strong Banks.

Adamek is a promoters and networks dream. He can fight, has a granite chin, fights with excitement- heart, and has a rabid following that supports him and wants more afterwords.

What more can anyone ask? Adamek keeps getting better. That’s scary! He’s a throw back fighter in this sense and I think that’s a VERY fair assessment.

Marquez had a very tough first half of the fight against the ultra aggressive Juan Diaz.


Diaz’s blitzkrieg style didn’t allow Marquez to counter punch as effectively as he liked early on. How the hell could he have against the pace and punches Juan threw at him. Marquez did it by putting money in the bank in the way of his body attack early.

Marquez taught us what patience can do for a fighter. Patience and the ability to make adjustments on the fly allowed Marquez to brutally turn the fight around until he stretched Diaz for good.

What a true Mexican warrior and pro! Again we out to be fucking damn glad we had the opportunity to watch a awesome old school pro in Marquez perform!

He’s another fighter to study and will be studied for years to come.

Juan’s ability to fight brilliantly late in his career comes from the skills nacho taught him and the experience he has gained over the years. Shunt out from big fights early in his career he kept learning, working, and fighting on. What we now see in Marquez is borned form those hungry and enraged days of not getting his shot.

What a great weekend of fights and lessons we were taught from a dying breed of fighters.