Out To Prove He’s Not Shot.

I for one am sick and tired of hearing all this fucking ridiculous talk of Cotto being damaged goods. Damn, he loses one tough fight and everyone wonders what he has left? Huh?! This is boxing,when you fight the best, expect hard  rough fights.

Margarito didn’t beat Cotto’s ass early in the fight, he beat Cotto up as he fatigued. It would be totally different in Antonio dominated him from the first bell on when Cotto was fresh. Cotto was so fatigued he couldn’t do shit as Margarito tore into hi,. I’m not taking nothing away from Antonio, just that Cotto helped by gassing out.

Cotto knew he fucked up in that fight. It was a costly and painful lesson. He needs to master how to fight a whole twelve rounds without wearing down.

Don’t expect Michael Jennings to cause Cotto any problems. I expect Miguel to make a huge statement in this fight ( as big of one as he can aginst this level of opposition ) so to silent the doubters.

On the other PPV card I expect Kelly to come back with a mean vengeance in the middle weight division. Rubio is the perfect cannon fodder to make Kelly look good. Rubio can bang a bit so it’ll be fun while it lasts.

** Weekend Wrap Up**
No way Martinez-Cintron was a draw! Sergio was robbed of a KO as well. Ref Frank Santore did an awful job blowing that call and taking a point away from Sergio late in the fight.

Nate Campbell can kiss his career good bye by losing his titles on the scale and escaping with a gift decision. Funeka won that fight. Nate brings nothing to the table with his move up to 140. I just don’t understand why he couldn’t make the weight.

Angulo is stilla work in progress and he proves that he’s more hype than anything right now. Shaw will have to match him perfectly if he wants Angulo’s 0 to stay.

I also agree with Antonio and his trainer being suspended. I agree with Cotto saying Margarito shouldn’t fight anywhere instead of being banned form the USA for a year.  I mean that’s some serious shit they tried to pull.  Arum’s full of shit, Antonio knew what was up that night.

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One Response to “Out To Prove He’s Not Shot.”

  • Martin Says:

    Agreed. Cotto is not shot, and he will remain one of the very top ’47’s in the sport. Sergio was robbed, although Nate Campbell will always give just about anyone trouble. He’s a very young 37.

    Have to disagree with your appraisal of Angulo. In my opinion, he is one of, if not the best prospect out there right now. A very busy, well-conditioned and durable fighter. Future world champion in my opinion, and would beat up on most top 154’s out there right now, including James Kirkland.

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