Gym Notes: In Boxing There’s No Faking It Until You Make It.

Everyone that owns and runs a fight school sooner or later gets the hot shot kid that comes in the gym and says he’s this and that and has done this or that.

The kid is often in front of the mirror shadow boxing and peppering the bag with fast combos along with an arrogant smile.

Talk is talk of course. One quick way to find out what you have in a cocky kid is put him in sparring with a more experience fighter. I’m not saying that the more experience fighter should beat the kids ass, just test him and show what the kid really is.

This happened the other day. I knew what I had when the kid came in the gym. That sparring session made him realize what and where he really is too.

I’m getting busier by the week and I don’t have time to play games and listen to macho shit from any developing fighter. It’s a must to have experience fighters in the gym who know how to test but not destroy a kid that’s getting too big for his britches.

You often see wanna be fighters faking it in front of the mirror shadow boxing and working the heavy bag that doesn’t hit back… But the charade is over when the kid faces reality in the ring. There’s never no faking it in there when sparring with experience.

Yeah, the kid in my gym that got a does of reality doesn’t do that macho shit in front of the mirror anymore… Now he’s working on his weaknesses and taking training far more serious.

A dose of serious sparring is powerful in more ways than one!

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